Salesforce Consulting Services

RTS Labs offers Salesforce consulting services with an experienced team of Salesforce systems analysts, architects, and software developers. Our Salesforce consulting team will help you broaden the domain of possibilities and applications for your business on the Salesforce platform.

RTS Labs empowers your employees to work faster and more efficiently, by delivering innovative Salesforce solutions that accelerate your company’s realization of its business strategies and goals.
Consulting Services Based In Richmond, Virginia

Additionally, we will consult with you to design for subsequent and imminent growth, building flexible and extensible solutions on the Salesforce platform that will serve you effectively for many years to come.

Our Salesforce consultation process is designed to guide you through the Salesforce implementation process so that you get it right – the first time. Our experienced BSAs, paired with Salesforce configuration specialists and developers, will ensure your Salesforce configuration fits your business process – not the other way around. If the out-of-the-box, Salesforce features truly don’t meet the business needs, RTS will develop customized solutions based on your specialized needs, providing your team with greater control and ample opportunity for input.

Areas of Expertise

We have implemented Salesforce solutions across varying verticals:

Salesforce Consulting Solutions


RTS Labs Salesforce Consulting Approach

The RTS Labs Salesforce consulting service team helps your sales, marketing, customer service, and technology teams. Our Salesforce implementation approach is as follows:


  • Translating Business Goals Into Technological Solutions

Business Goals

RTS translates your business goals and vision into technological solutions by combining functional expertise with a unique understanding of what is possible within Salesforce’s powerful platform. Our team of business and system analysts, data architects, software developers, and business intelligence experts will help your team shape and drive the project to success.

RTS Labs initiates the consult with one or more business process workshops. Vital information about your business process(es) is gleaned primarily through interviews and requirements-gathering efforts with your key members. This allows us to understand, and determine on a more granular level, your goals and expectations, as well as the exact nature of your needs, e.g., increased visibility, business process automation, specialized features, integration with your financials, etc.


  • Innovating Solutions

RTS Labs Salesforce Platform experts innovative unique solutions to fit your unique business needs.

Our Salesforce Consulting Team brings strategic, technical, and industry-specific expertise to your project. When your business needs exceed the limit of standard Salesforce functionality, then we work with you to design and build custom solutions. This can include custom database design, application integration via web services, custom user interfaces, and reporting.


  • Continual Feedback Loop

We prototype all of our Salesforce implementations, so that you and your staff can see exactly how the Salesforce platform will appear and how it will work, providing you the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to be incorporated into the implementation – before go-live. By instituting regular checkpoints with you and your key decision-makers, RTS Salesforce consultants ensure the Salesforce prototype meets your expectations for functionality, usability, integration, and alignment with the business goals.


  • Integrating Salesforce with Existing Systems

RTS is fully equipped to integrate your Salesforce platform with your marketing, customer service, order management, quoting, ERP and other critical, back- or front-end systems. Whether you’re located in our Richmond, Virginia neighborhood, or anywhere else in the world, our seasoned integration experts can get the data flowing between your systems using industry standard technologies and best practices..


  • Data Services (ETL)

If you need data loaded as part of your implementation, we have data specialists who will analyze your existing data, assist you in exporting and transforming it into a useable form, and expertly transfer the data from your legacy system to your new Salesforce instance. RTS Salesforce Data Consultants are knowledgeable experts in the areas of de-duping, object splitting/merging, transformation and mapping.


  • Guidance for Your Salesforce Users.

RTS Labs offers Salesforce support services for your users. We can provide guidance and tips so your users maximize the value they can get from your investment.

Training is integral to the success of any Salesforce consulting project. RTS Labs takes extra time and care to develop a training strategy customized to your users’ experience and comfort level. For example do your users know the difference between validation and workflow? How about creating cross block formula reports? Are they familiar with OWD Sharing? RTS Labs helps identify and fill knowledge gaps, enabling your users to utilize the platform to the maximum capacity.

Our primary training is aimed at System Administrators, but we tailor it specifically to your needs. We can schedule full-day,hands-on training sessions, or simply be available to answer questions as they come up.


  • Don’t Need All That?

Take advantage of RTS Labs hourly-based admin or developer services when you really only need extra horsepower. Our Salesforce consultants and developers handle everything, from basic configuration, security management, and workflow, to advanced custom development and systems integration.


  • Our Team PARTNERS With YOUR Team

Team Building In Richmond VA
Whatever your Salesforce needs, the RTS Labs Salesforce Team will help you meet them. We partner with you to fully understand your goals, not just what you are asking for. We collaborate with you in making your priorities, our priorities. We coach you in making the right Salesforce implementation decisions, and guide you to build for longevity, not just for the now. We train your team so that they have the necessary skills to effectively utilize the solution we provide, and we motivate users to be excited about the new changes, as sometimes change is scary.

Let us be your Salesforce Team partner and help you realize your business’ full potential.