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Our Salesforce customization team tailors your CRM to meet your specific business & user needs.

What if Salesforce was made just for your business?

Salesforce CRM has thousands of features and just as many customization options through the AppExchange. Making it work for your business is hard enough, but as your business grows and evolves its needs change. We can help you configure Salesforce, customize it with integrations, re-engineer business processes, and even help develop custom apps specifically for you.

Our experts and developers can also help implement SFDC from scratch, so whether you already have Salesforce or are getting ready to make the leap forward… Our team is here to help!

What if Salesforce was made just for your business salesforce customization customizing salesforce SFDC

Make Salesforce work for you

Your tools should work for you – not the other way around. We’ll help you get there.

Custom configurations

Even though Salesforce has countless options, the way your business functions should dictate how this tool is configured. We will set up Salesforce to present just the essential data and components to your users, intending to optimize workflow based on triggers you define.

Optimize platform usability

Let’s face it: Salesforce isn’t that fun to use, and one of the biggest hurdles to user adoption and retention is usability. We will customize the interface using APEX (a programming language) and VisualForce (a platform for front-end framework) so that everyone knows how to use Salesforce and navigate to the places they need to be.

Customize Configuration and Optimize Usability

Add new custom functionality

Although Salesforce does a lot, it doesn’t do everything. We will add the functionality you need, including custom calculations, triggered actions, workflows, and more. However you want Salesforce to work for you, we can help.

Integrate your Salesforce Org with anything

You can use the data and functionality of other apps along with Salesforce. We’ll integrate your cloud apps, even with two-way sync, so your business practically runs on autopilot. Learn more about our Salesforce Integration Services .

Custom Salesforce app development

Sometimes you need the functionality that’s beyond a custom configuration or integration. We can build apps from scratch that do exactly what you need them to, right within Salesforce. Learn more about our custom application development services.

Add New Functionality, Integrate with Anything, Custom App Development

Implementing Salesforce Community Cloud can be challenging. Let us guide you with our proven process.

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Your customer community

Engage your customers with a fulfilling self-service community experience that saves you time and helps you sell better.

  • Shared group knowledge and FAQs
  • Customers create their own cases
  • Unanswered questions are escalated
  • Recognize members with badges
  • Members can endorse other members
  • Integrated community e-commerce
  • Measure and analyze member activity
Your partner community

Help resellers, distributors and partners grow their business and yours with a community that’s custom built to meet their needs.

  • Share lead information with customers
  • Integrate third-party systems
  • Manage deals to avoid channel conflict
  • Create partner sales pipeline efficiency
  • Enable co-marketing initiatives
  • Use actions to automatically add apps
  • Create custom dashboards and reports
Your employee community

Retain employees longer in a branded community that makes them happier and more productive.

  • Give employees access to relevant files
  • Anywhere, anytime, any device access
  • Use groups to structure teams or activities
  • Company-wide sharing of records or videos
  • Create auto-generated topic pages
  • Enabling users to follow the latest topics
  • Let employees find subject matter experts

Maximizing impact

Salesforce is a powerful tool, but only works when your team uses it properly and when it solves real business problems.

Easy-to-use solutions in every situation

Business happens across all departments and locations. That often means that your Salesforce users have significantly different use cases, including work environments and data entry needs. Whenever we see Salesforce adoption problems, we know it’s really an issue of usefulness. This is why we only show your users the information they need to see.

Focusing on business impact

Your business objectives and needs should lead your Salesforce customization project. That’s why we begin with understanding your company and your business challenges. Our team will begin by properly configuring features already built into the app. However, if you need further customization to increase productivity, improve data quality, or automate manual processes, we will create the custom solutions you need.

Find out which Salesforce customizations will make the biggest impact for you.

Set up a call and we’ll give you a timeline and budget to get started.

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Customize & scale with & Salesforce1

We design, develop, and carefully deploy apps so that you can focus on your business. Our custom applications aare easy to scale and maintain on Salesforce’s custom platform – – using Salesforce as the engine. Salesforce1 can port your apps to mobile to empower your users wherever they are.
Learn more about our Salesforce App Development services

Customize and Scale with and Salesforce1
Faster App Delivery accelerates the pace of innovation for custom apps. It uses a web-based application layer, has minimal coding requirements, and provides numerous development tools that are constantly being refined to shorten the development cycle.
Unlimited Scale infrastructure design can scale both vertically and horizontally. Its unique pod architecture offers a set of industry-standard resources: high-performance database, application, search, email, load balancers, storage, backup servers, and more.
Adaptable and Flexible provides two options for creating and customizing the user interface (UI) of platform applications. For more complete UI control, includes VisualForce, a complete framework for creating and running virtually any UI for any application on any device.
Automate Anything’s workflows tool will manage and automate your business processes. By better managing and automating these processes, organizations can not only improve their workers’ productivity, but also make their operations more reliable.
Certified Security performs both internal and external vulnerability assessments on a regular basis. All data centers are SAS 70 Type II, SysTrust, and ISO 27001 certified.
Reduce Downtime
Custom applications built on the platform help reduce users’ annual downtime. A collection of systems management tools closely monitor’s health and performance 24/7, alerting the platform’s team of specialized engineers to potential problems and resolutions.

Improve Salesforce ROI A Comprehensive Look at the World’s Premier Cloud-Computing Platform is cloud computing for the enterprise. Using the platform, private enterprises and commercial software providers alike can quickly create and run custom business applications over the Internet, without the need for up-front software and hardware expenditures, configuration, and maintenance.

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