Customizing Salesforce

infographicOne of the main advantages of Salesforce is its flexibility with respect to customization. RTS Labs Salesforce customization services are designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of our clients based either on their existing work flow, or by helping them streamline their flow via business process re-engineering. We have extensive development experience on Salesforce and, offering well-developed, customized, and integrated cloud-computing applications.

Configuration and Customization

Salesforce development is comprised of two major components: Configuration and Customization.

Configuration: Salesforce has dozens of configuration options. No software programming is necessary to configure Salesforce. There are configurable elements that need to be set in conjunction with the user profile, and these are used to control the data presented to users of that profile. The user interface for the Salesforce CRM application Configuration enables organizations to modify objects, fields, validation rules, workflow, security settings, formulas, etc. with more configurable features available with higher editions of Salesforce. RTS Labs can offer detailed guidance to configure the Salesforce platform to your existing work flow.

Customization: Customizing Salesforce involves coding new modules, either business logic, front-end components, or both, using the Salesforce programming language, APEX, and the front end framework, VisualForce. By customizing the functionality of your Salesforce platform, your organization’s unique requirements can be addressed to enhance your team’s performance. RTS Labs not only uses VisualForce to create custom screens, but also APEX to create custom code that will perform functions to update fields, create records, perform calculations etc.

Some businesses become so enthusiastic about their new, cloud-based CRM software, they end up hiring an integrator who will fulfill their massive list of perceived requirements. The result is over-customizing Salesforce, when, in fact, a thoughtful configuration and a simpler customization effort would suffice, effectively conserving resources and reducing time-to-market.

On the other hand, there are organizations which have not realized the benefits they expected from their initial Salesforce implementation. If this is the case for you, it may be time to revisit your CRM implementation and determine if some appropriate customizations are necessary. Contact RTS Labs so we can help you investigate the issues and then build the appropriate custom applications that will help keep the customers you have, win new ones, and drive your business growth more efficiently.

Before we begin customizing your Salesforce org, our team will start by looking at what your objectives are and becoming acquainted with your company and your business challenges. Working with your team and project manager, RTS Lab members will initiate your implementation by first configuring as much as possible what’s already built into your cloud-based application, and then creating, when necessary, custom applications with attributes that help increase user productivity, improve data quality, automate manual processes, and adapt quickly to your changing requirements. Getting the discovery right the first time saves time over the long run by minimizing rework.

Salesforce’s Custom Platform: & Salesforce1

By building the appropriate applications via Salesforce’s custom platform,, RTS Labs can expand Salesforce’s capabilities and functionalities for you. However, these customized solutions need to be designed, developed, and deployed carefully, with special attention to your organization’s unique needs. RTS Labs builds custom applications, which are easy to scale and maintain on the platform using Salesforce as the engine.  For your users on-the-go, Salesforce1 offers rich support for porting your apps to mobile, empowering your users wherever they are.
The Benefits of Custom Application Development on

    • Service Delivery is Fast: provides the foundation for the most challenging cloud-based requirements. It has changed the process of custom applications and accelerated the pace of innovation. Custom applications are developed faster on the Web-based application layer, with minimal coding requirements and numerous development tools that are constantly being refined to boost developer productivity.
    • Lower Your Infrastructure Costs: Salesforce is magnitudes simpler and less expensive to maintain than on-premise technologies. You can forget managing backups, worring about tuning, or massive upgrade projects, because takes care of these tasks. Consequently, Salesforce frees businesses from the hassle of maintaining hardware, databases, operating systems, etc.
    • Adaptive | Flexible: provides two options for creating and customizing the UI (user interface) of platform applications. For more complete UI interface control, includes Visualforce, a complete framework for creating and running virtually any UI, for any application, on any device.
    • Security Strategy: performs both internal and external vulnerability assessments on a regular basis. All data centers are SAS 70 Type II, SysTrust, and ISO 27001 certified.
    • Scalability: infrastructure design can scale both vertically and horizontally. Its unique pod architecture offers a set of industry-standard resources such as high-performance database, application, search, email, load balancers, storage, backup servers, Web, etc., that work together to serve the needs of a limited collection of organizations and applications.
    • Performance:’s generalized solution for business process management is a feature called “workflow”. By better managing and automating these processes, organizations not only can improve their workers’ productivity, but also make their operations more reliable.
    • Reduces Your Downtime: Custom applications built on the platform help reduce users annual downtime. A collection of systems management tools closely monitor’s health and performance 24/7, alerting the platform’s team of specialized engineers to potential problems and resolutions.
      A successful CRM adoption involves building your Salesforce tools around your needs and your team. RTS will help customize Salesforce, tailoring it for your business. Our job is to improve your business processes through the use of Salesforce, not building complex tools that end up dictating your workflow.

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