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Go beyond the retrofit and get a custom Salesforce app that works for you.

Your business, your apps

Get more out of your Salesforce project with apps made just for your business. Custom apps function completely separately from your Salesforce CRM, yet closely integrate with it to take advantage of the CRM data that you have already worked so hard to track and use. Whether you’re looking for an internal tool to supercharge your operations, or you’d like to develop a product to sell that runs on Salesforce platform, our experts can turn your vision into reality.

Your Business, Your Apps how to create custom application in salesforce

Let’s turn Salesforce into your workflow powerhouse

How to create a custom application in Salesforce

The right approach to SFDC app development is the key to longterm success.

1. A process to engineer success

Because our Salesforce developers and consultants will help you at every stage, you will not only have a custom application but a valuable app that meets your business needs. We’ll support every aspect of the software and product development life cycle of Salesforce, from conception to execution.

A Process To Engineer Success

2. Plan for today (and tomorrow)

Building a custom app is exciting, but you’re not doing it simply for the excitement. In order for your app to evolve into a useful product, we start by understanding what you need to accomplish, who the target audience is, and how it needs to scale up. We will document your app’s requirements, product strategy, user experience, and product development cycle so there’s a blueprint before we start building.

Plan for Today and Tomorrow

3. Stay agile

Even with a blueprint in hand, you must adapt to the fast pace of business demands. With this in mind, we take an agile development approach to every Salesforce app development, emphasizing iterations, and improvements along the way so you get continual improvements to your app.

Stay Agile

4. Keep it in the cloud

Your apps should be flexible, cost-effective, easy to maintain, and quick to launch. Developing on the platform is an advantage in each of these areas, allowing you to extend your productivity on Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds.

Keep It in the Cloud

5. Your fullstack Salesforce dev team

RTS Labs team of data architects, business and system analysts, and software developers bring a vast amount of experience across all types of technologies and platforms. Our Salesforce development team regularly works with front-end technologies including: JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and Ajax. We also use many different software languages: Java, Spring, Ruby on Rails, .NET, and PHP.

Your Fullstack Salesforce Dev Team

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Built to sell on Salesforce AppExchange

If you’re planning to sell a Salesforce App, understanding the Salesforce AppExchange is critical to your success. Our team will help you navigate the best practices of AppExchange and plan for unique requirements before we write any code.

Strategic Direction icon
Strategic Direction
Knowing your customer, the competitive landscape, and the proper features, our Salesforce app development team will give you strategic advice to make sure your app solves a proven market need and will sell when it hits the AppExchange.
Building Your App icon
Building Your App
With the right strategy, our team will build your app to make it fast, scalable, and easy to manage and update. Our developers and Salesforce experts will work together to build an app that works for your customers, is optimized for Salesforce users, and exceeds their expectations.
Launch Planning icon
Launch Planning
Building a great app isn’t enough. It has to gain market traction and customers. We’ll help you plan for your app listing on the AppExchange, how to market it, and how to get your first customers to quickly become your brand evangelists.

52% are planning to build a custom app using the Salesforce platform, are you ready?

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