Salesforce Case Study #1

Industry: Finance
Richmond, VA


This personal finance company is a rapidly expanding and focused on growth and responsible scaling in an effort to provide full-spectrum financial lending services to businesses that offer in-house financing options.


Given the expectation of growth, the company was experiencing development velocity issues and were unable to scale multiple areas of their business. There was a clear need for a consulting group to join the development team to break through these barriers and achieve the business goals.


Commissions Model Tracking for Sales Representatives

  • Integrate with daily sync jobs from external systems

Sales Pipeline Management and Analysis via Sales Cloud

  • Streamline automations for Sales Representatives daily workflow
  • Rapid BI data flow into Salesforce
  • Five9 Virtual Call Center integration for inbound and outbound dialing for inside Sales Representatives
  • Geopointe integration for location services and management of outside Sales Representatives
  • Marketo integration for engagement programs and campaign management
  • Robust Reporting and Dashboards

Operations Management via Service Cloud

  • Risk/Fraud to reduce financial liabilities
  • Dealer Support to provide an end to end experience for customers

Enhanced DevOps Process

  • Established a process using GIT and the Salesforce CLI (SFDX) to streamline development in Salesforce


  • The company started to break sales records in late 2021.
  • GeoPointe workflows were built out so sales reps could receive assignments based on location rules in near real-time.
  • Marketo was turned on in October 2021 and has made a major impact.
  • Rapid integration has been improved but we are targeting a 2022 remediation of that interface.
Improved performance & scalability