Architecting the Future

Architecting the Future is a cross-functional business podcast that features leaders who are shaping modern business using operational creativity and digital technology. On each episode, we’ll interview an accomplished business leader for their personal story and insights.

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Latest episodes


November 13, 2023 | S2E10

Architecting The Future with Waris Sagheer, Chief Technology Officer at Cisco

On this episode, we dive deep on all things 5G with one of the leading experts globally on this topic. Well worth a listen for anyone interested in apps, connectivity, […]


October 30, 2023 | S2E9

Architecting The Future with James Urquhart, Principal Technologist at VMware

Get ready for a mind-expanding discussion on the future of data. We’re thrilled to sit down with VMware trailblazer James Urquhart, who’s going to blow your mind with revolutionary insights […]


October 25, 2023 | S2E8

Architecting The Future with Lori MacVittie, Distinguished Engineer at F5

On this episode, we dive deep on all things "app delivery" with Lori MacVitte from F5. If you're in the world of creating or mantaining applications, this episode is for […]


October 25, 2023 | S2E7

Architecting The Future with David Leech, Consulting CISO at CBTS

On this episode, we dive deep on all things cybersecurity with a trusted voice, David Leech. If you're trying to better understand the cyber risks facing your organization, and what […]


October 11, 2023 | S2E6

Architecting The Future with Chad Smykay, Field CTO & Distinguished Technologist at HPE

On this episode, we sit down with Chad Smykay from HPE – to talk about all things machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud. If you're looking for a […]


October 4, 2023 | S2E5

Architecting The Future with Vida Williams, Chief Digital and Branding Officer at Virginia ABC

On this episode, we go deep with Vida on all things data and digital transformation. And her career journey from Duke University to C-level executive. Her "human first" approach to […]


August 28, 2023 | S2E4

Architecting the Future with Chris Hassett, Executive Director of Product Delivery at ManTech, Part 2

On this episode, we had the chance to talk to Chris about his experience in the military, and how he was able to bridge it with a career in technology. […]


August 21, 2023 | S2E3

Architecting the Future with Chris Hassett, Executive Director of Product Delivery at ManTech, Part 1

On this episode, we have the privilege of diving deep with Chris on all things leading a technology team. His group's retention is off the charts… and it's no secret […]


June 20, 2023 | S2E2

Architecting the Future with Savas Karas, Chief Technology And Transformation Officer at CAPREIT

On this episode, we had the opportunity to interview Savas Karas, a senior leader in the world of property management. We got his perspective on all things leadership, technology, AI, […]


May 17, 2023 | S2E1

Architecting The Future with Jyot Singh, CEO of RTS Labs

Join us as we uncover the future of tech. From the game-changing potential of ChatGPT to the challenges of data warehousing and the scarcity of data engineering talent, this episode provides valuable insights on project management, specialization vs. versatility, and the vision behind RTS Labs.


June 28, 2022 | S1E9

Architecting the Future with Sameer Khera, Chief Information Officer of NortonLifeLock

Don’t miss our podcast episode with Sameer Khera, CIO of NortonLifeLock. Hear insights on cybersecurity, technology, and innovation driving their success. Learn from an industry leader shaping the future of digital security.


June 20, 2022 | S1E8

Architecting the Future with Dr. Marcus Johnson, CIO of Children’s Home Society of Florida

Join us as we talk with Dr. Marcus Johnson, CIO of Children’s Home Society of Florida, about leveraging technology for positive social impact in child welfare. Gain insights into innovative initiatives driving change in the lives of children and families. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation with a visionary leader.