Custom software application development

Is your out-of-the-box solution not keeping up with your business needs? A custom application might be the answer.

We’ll build a custom app that’ll make you say “We’ve arrived.”

Custom application development is a sign.

A sign that things are moving in the right direction, that you’re growing, and that you’re just too big for off-the-shelf solutions. It’s a big step in the life, health, and growth of your business.

But custom applications need to solve a business purpose and actually be used as intended. If not, the excitement of your custom app will give way to the reality of a poorly executed plan.

We won’t let that happen.

That’s because we always start with a clear understanding of the business problem you’re solving. We’ll ask who will use the app, and how. Plus we’ll challenge you to answer the question of why a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution/product won’t work.

This process will give you the app you need to accelerate your growth and improve efficiency.

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Customer success story

Chris Lozier, COO

National Center for Teacher Residencies

We found RTS, which was sort of a godsend, because they offer services across a number of different channels. Enterprise custom development, data analytics, and Salesforce all in one place is rare. They were perfect technology solutions consultants helping us build a holistic software platform which took our organization to the next level.

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Chris Lozier, COO National Center For Teacher Residencies

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