Data Analytics

What is Data Analytics?

This process enables organizations like yours to make better-informed business decisions. Data analytics involves inspecting, transforming and modeling your data to make it more useful and manageable. Tools used in data analytics include statistical analysis, predictive modeling and analysis software.

What Makes Data Analytics So Important?

Downward trends. Poor performance quarters. Low sales rankings. Dismal earnings reports. Sluggish return on investment. It’s all bad news…made worse when you don’t know the answers, let alone wondering if you’re asking the right questions.

Data analytics is about asking the right questions and analyzing data to support solid answers. It’s about observation, preparation, and transforming your data from collections into usable information. It’s also about finding sources of data even when you don’t think your business has any. That pile of bills on your desk? Could you be reducing your business’ overhead and costs?

How to Make Data Analytics Work for Your Business

  • Your data should be purpose-driven: Align your data points with processes in your organization.
  • Your data should drive action: Data analysis should work on representing realistic scenarios, not simply making containers for your data.
  • Ask better questions:Instead of focusing on vague ideas, search for mechanisms that improve results. For example: “How can we speed up account applications?”, “How often should we email favorite customers?”
  • Don’t look for blockbusters: Instead of scouring your business’ data for the one-solution-to-all-your-problems, think smaller. Focus on tiny business improvements. “If we correct customer mailing addresses, we will reach more customers.”
  • Use OODA to loop through data: “Observe, orient, decide and act” makes data analysis more effective. Analysis patterns should loop through the data instead of drilling down into hierarchies and never coming back to the surface.
  • Make your data accessible and beautiful: Forcing your staff to wade through tabs of spreadsheets or database viewers creates annoyance and errors. Your data should be easy to access across departments and a pleasure to navigate.

What We Can Provide


Data Strategies:

  • Helping you plan for short and long-term data issues, from availability to security.
  • Discovering use cases—what are the questions you’re looking to answer?
  • Creating an agile platform while avoiding “silos” of data trapped in legacy apps.

Data Management:

  • Ensuring a high level of data quality.
  • Planning for organization, administration and governance
  • Creating effective data classification for faster analysis and productivity.

Calculating Customer Lifetime Value (LTV):

  • Determining your customer relationships and profitability.
  • Gaining insights into customers and identifying loyal versus average customers.
  • Developing retention rates, customer behavior patterns, and personalized initiatives.

Visual Analytics & Reports:

  • Providing more than pretty charts by tapping into the future of information dashboards.
  • Designing powerful data visualizations with predictive analytics.
  • Real-time, high-availability reporting for your specific needs.

How We Can Help…

  • At RTS Labs, our experience includes predictive data models, data marts, key metrics and web-based portals.
  • Our clients range from sectors as diverse as healthcare, retail, finance, and not-for-profit; from fast-growing start-ups to established businesses.
  • We work with your existing data.
  • New technologies allow us to analyze data quickly–often in real-time.
  • We can create insights to improve profitability, advance research and optimize customer experience.
  • We have in-depth experience with business intelligence, modelling and presentation software such as Tableau and Yellowfin.

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