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Use data-driven insights to drive growth

Your data can be combined in infinite ways, but we’ll only do it when it solves a business problem for you.

Business Intelligence

Become Smarter and more nimble by transforming your data into meaningful insight

Become Smarter and more nimble by transforming your data into meaningful insight

Technology doubles every 18 months. Do you get smarter, faster, and more adept at managing change on the same timeline?

Business intelligence gives you the insights you need to find and take advantage of opportunities as soon as they become available. Adopting BI brings powerful decision making capability and helps you maintain competitive edge using the data that you already have.

How Business Intelligence Can Help You Grow

BI can provide the knowledge that’ll help you solve your toughest business challenges, and might lead to your biggest business wins.

  • Find and Increase Efficiencies

    Find and Increase Efficiencies

    Your business is constantly evolving, and process that were efficient a few years ago may be wasteful today. BI can help you find opportunities to become more efficient.

  • Personalize the Customer Experience

    Personalize the Customer Experience

    There’s more demand from customers to have a totally customized and relevant experience in every interaction. With BI, you can learn about what your customers want and deliver a personalized experience.

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Make Data-Driven Decisions

    You’re already making data-driven decisions, but do you have the most up-to-date data? BI will give you the best information every time you need to make a hard decision.

  • Outmaneuver Your Competition

    Outmaneuver Your Competition

    Business is intensely competitive.  Having the best intelligence will give you a competitive edge. And the sooner you adopt, utilize, and optimize your BI, the greater the advantage you can sustain over the competition.

Tomorrow's Business Growth, Today

Our BI experts will help you think through your data needs and opportunities, then build the tools that will allow you to:

Reveal Results

See exactly what’s happening just about anywhere in your business, displayed in the right context.

Reveal Results
Monitor Performance

Monitor Performance

Discover your ongoing performance health and identify underperforming aspects of your business in real time.

Predict Outcomes

Predict future performance by using historical data, your own forecasting, and other data sources to increase accuracy.

Predict Outcomes
Inform Strategy

Inform Strategy

Advanced simulation and prediction algorithms can help you determine what and how much to do, and when.

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Common BI Application

Your data can be combined in infinite ways, but we’ll only do it when it solves a business problem for you. Here are some common ways we’ve implemented BI solutions to answer important business questions:

Building a Common BI Application
  • Create Predictive Models
    Create Predictive Models

    Use demographic, psychographic, and transaction profiles of customers to devise appropriate channel strategies for new products

  • Build a Data Mart
    Build a Data Mart

    Centralize, transform, and deliver powerful reporting capabilities

  • Develop Key Metrics
    Develop Key Metrics

    Measure sales performance and plan sales compensation

  • Perform 80/20 Customer Analyses
    Perform 80/20 Customer Analyses

    Maximize ROI on marketing expenditures

  • Assess customer lifetime value (LTV)
    Assess customer lifetime value (LTV)

    Across segments to optimize the allocation of marketing resources

  • Develop web-based reports, dashboards, and portals
    Develop web-based reports, dashboards, and portals

    Track real-time stats and outcomes

We Work With the Most Powerful BI Solutions

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Our BI Process in 10 Seconds

  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Process

    Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Process

    We’ll extract relevant data from disparate data sources and transform it into a report-ready format. We’ll then load it into a custom data mart that will serve as your easy-to-navigate data repository.

  • BI Data Storage

    BI Data Storage

    We’ll work with you to find the key data points needed from your existing databases to improve your business functions. We’ll develop a custom database that will provide continuous access to the data that you need for your most important decisions.

  • BI Processing

    BI Processing

    Once the databases are in place, we begin data mining and analytical research, focusing on the key data points that are most important to your business.

  • Presentation


    After the functionality is in place, we’ll develop the visualization environments, including dashboards, charts, grids, and graphs, which add meaning to your data sets.

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