Data Engineering Services

Enable Your Data Scientists and Analysts to Develop Predictive Analytics, Forecasting, and Machine Learning Models.

Our Data Engineers can help you:

Design and build efficient data pipelines
Develop and deploy machine learning models
Integrate data from multiple sources
Clean and prepare data for analysis
Visualize data for insights

What can data engineering do for you?

Data engineering sets the foundation for all data-driven operations and strategy within a business, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and insights.

Data Architecture
We’ll determine how data needs to flow through your organization to fit within your decision making and operational processes. This includes the specific Service Level Agreements of who needs the data, when they need it, and how they will receive it.
We’ll decide which technologies are appropriate for your team. THis is often determined by the previous experiences of your team, ease of integration with the existing tech stack, and how your team is organized.
We’ll design automated and semi-automated release processes for moving changes between dev, test, and production environments with minimal risk and effort.
Data Governance
We’ll help you determine the internal definitions of data elements and the technical and administrative actions to make sure the data is being used and maintained appropriately.

Why choose RTS Labs?

Choosing RTS Labs means choosing a partner committed to enhancing your data capabilities and helping you leverage data for your business success.

At RTS Labs, we’re solving your data challenges and not promoting any products.

There are plenty of great data platforms out there, but if you’ve ever reached out to one for more information or a free demonstration, you know it can be hard to figure out if the salesperson is truly trying to solve your problem or just sell their own product.

At RTS Labs, we’re well-versed in a wide variety of digital platforms. But as a consulting firm, our goal is finding the best solution for your business, not selling one product over another.


We shape the data to fit your humans. Not the other way around.

Ever worked with a data consulting firm that wanted you to completely change the way your employees go about their daily business just for the sake of the data? It’s not fun. For you or your employees.

At RTS Labs, we’re committed to setting up data systems that meet the needs of your staff and make it easy to incorporate data into their pre-existing workflows. Data is important, but at RTS Labs, people are too.

More affordable than hiring your own data engineer.

Recognizing the potential of data engineering, some businesses are jumping to hire a data engineer of their very own. We get it. Data engineers *are* pretty cool! But they aren’t cheap.

At RTS Labs, we provide data engineering on demand for the projects that require a data engineer’s level of expertise. That way, you can save money on salaries but still have a data engineer on call when you need them most.

We give you a data system you’ll actually use.

What’s the worst that could happen? Investing big in a new data platform only to find out that none of your staff will actually use it. Yeah, that’s rough.

At RTS Labs, we make sure every member of your team is sold on the value of the data being processed and the design of the data system being developed before you spend a dime. You’re not in until you’re all in and ready to put our systems to use.

We know how to work with data teams as well as data.

Maybe you already have a data team, and they’re doing great work—they just need an outside perspective to overcome a particular obstacle.

Fortunately, RTS Labs Data Engineers aren’t just data whizzes—they’re people whizzes too. We know how to leverage your data team’s skills and experience while collaborating with them to solve your business’s most persistent challenges.


Case study

Leading Pharmaceutical Company (LPC)

Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Landscape: Learn How RTS Labs Data Engineers Empowered a Leading Pharmaceutical Company to Amplify Market Share, Reduce Data Infrastructure Expenses, and Enhance Forecasting Precision in their Quest to fight life-threatening medical conditions by inventing, manufacturing, marketing, and selling life-saving drugs.

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