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Salesforce_Logo_2009RTS Labs offers a full suite of Cloud Services leveraging the power and flexibility of the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce is considered by many to be the leading CRM system available. This complex piece of software is able to streamline your business processes and maximize their services and solutions. An efficient and seamless Salesforce integration with your business’ existing databases, ERP and CRM systems, and other custom applications is critical in order to enable your sales teams to better serve your customers and increase revenues.

Whether your business is considering a Salesforce integration (Is Salesforce Right For You?) or you already have invested in Salesforce, RTS Labs offers a full suite of Cloud Services that will leverage the power and flexibility of this powerful platform. We can develop a Salesforce integration strategy that will allow your business to take full advantage of everything it has to offer. We can help on-board, implement, train, and maintain your org. We have the expertise to design and implement your Salesforce solutions.

Are You Getting the Most Out Of Your Existing Org?

Have an existing org, but you aren’t sure if you are getting the most out it? We can help there too with the SPARK Initiative, our proven process to help you get more out of your org. We even offer Salesforce application development services, which include creating entirely new applications to meet the unique demands of your business.

We know that Salesforce is an expensive investment and recognize the need to maximize the ROI. Our goal is to make sure that your business is taking full advantage of this investment and, ultimately, that the Salesforce integration is customized to fit your business needs.

A typical business utilizes many different applications, many of which are not designed initially to work with one another. Each of these applications can have data, presentation, business logic, and security layers, which are possible targets for integration with your Salesforce platform. From CRM to integration with your ERP, RTS Labs can help you simplify and automate your processes.

RTS Labs takes a fresh innovative approach to such systems integration. Since there are many ways to get your systems to work together in harmony with Salesforce, RTS Labs will find the best fit for your needs.

What does a Salesforce Consultation look like?

  • Process Analysis – Your Consultation begins with a detailed examination, primarily based upon interviews and requirements gathering efforts, to determine the exact nature of your needs, so that we can identify the solution that best fits your business.
  • Configuration – With these needs in mind, we will develop your database, ensuring that the Salesforce implementation strategy, application integration, coding, page layouts, and reports are formulated with user accessibility in mind.
  • Data Migration – Once this database is in place, we will transfer the data from your previous system, sorting and aligning as necessary to provide optimal accessibility.
  • Training – Now that your solution fits your exact specifications, we will provide guidance and tips so that you can get the most out of your investment.

You may feel overwhelmed by the options, by the sheer scale of the work, lack of confidence in executing the integration correctly, or any other number of reasons when it comes to a Salesforce integration project. We understand. RTS Labs will help you explore the various integration options related to and other Salesforce platform technologies that many companies dread tackling. RTS Labs also has experienced integration developers available for custom requests as well, since every project is customized in some degree to a client’s needs.

In addition to ecommerce integration, RTS Labs offers mobile app integration, website integration, portal integration, forms integration, web app integration, and many other services related to business software and applications. We will discuss security, user interface, business logic, and data integration, while helping you get your existing or new software implementation off the ground.

RTS Labs will help you with:

Email Tracking from Salesforce

The email tracking features from Salesforce Sales Cloud allows us to help you integrate many of the functions of Sales Cloud right into your inbox. This email management feature provides complete view of customers inside Outlook or any of your favorite email applications. By syncing emails or any business process instantly into Salesforce, organizations can keep their entire team up to date. Likewise, Salesforce for Exchange keeps Outlook, mobile devices, and Salesforce calendars in sync seamlessly.

Salesforce and Google Apps Integration

With a suite of on-demand communication and collaboration services hosted by Google and designed for business users, a Salesforce administrator or if you prefer, RTS Labs can enable Google Docs, Gmail, and a host of Google-related AppExchange apps to be customized for your use within Salesforce.

MailChimp Salesforce Integration

If you use MailChimp, a Salesforce integration enables the import of your list of Salesforce contacts by passing specific-subscriber data back to Salesforce from MailChimp.

Salesforce Quickbooks Integration / quickbooks salesforce integration / salesforce quickbooks online integration

Many companies utilize the bookkeeping software, Quickbooks. RTS Labs can assist in a Salesforce Integration for QuickBooks with a one-time set up that automatically syncs information between your existing Salesforce Professional or Group Edition account and your existing QuickBooks Online Company files. Businesses enter data once and it is automatically updated in both Salesforce and QuickBooks.

HubSpot Salesforce Integration

With a successful HubSpot Salesforce integration, sales teams will consistently have the most up-to-date leads from marketing teams.

Marketo Salesforce Integration / Marketo Integration with Salesforce

If you use Marketo for its seamless connection between marketing automation and CRM systems, you will find a Marketo Lead Management App that is available from the Salesforce AppExchange.
Marketo’s integration with keeps both Marketo and Salesforce in sync all day to provide marketing and sales teams with the power to drive more revenue. Need help with this type of integration? RTS Labs can help.

Salesforce Sharepoint Integration / salesforce and sharepoint integration

Salesforce offers a connector (Salesforce Files Connect) that integrates its services with Microsoft’s SharePoint application and service and OneDrive for Business. A Salesforce Sharepoint integration allows businesses to seamlessly browse, search, and share files located in Microsoft built repositories with a single user interface. RTS Labs can guide you through the process.

Zendesk Salesforce Integration / salesforce zendesk

Integrating Zendesk, a customer service platform, with SalesForce, allows sales and support teams to now view of their customers with dynamic two-way data sharing. Since the Zendesk for Salesforce integration is designed to be flexible, RTS Labs can help a business choose the functionality that makes the most sense for their needs.

Salesforce SAP Integration

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning package that is customized to a customer’s needs. It consists of modules such as utilities for finance and accounting, marketing and sales, human resources, field service, product design and development, production and inventory control, etc. RTS Labs will properly integrate your SAP with Salesforce, so that your company is able to streamline and fully automate its business processes. For example, when information for a new customer is entered into Salesforce, it will be made available for financials, performance management, and other business functions managed by SAP.

Constant Contact Salesforce Integration

Constant Contact creates effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns to meet a business’ goals. RTS Labs can automate those time consuming tasks of transferring data between web apps like Salesforce and Constant Contact.

Informatica Salesforce Connector

Need help with the cloud tool, Informatica Cloud Data Wizard? An RTS Labs integration specialist will help you utilize this Salesforce app, which allows businesses to sync common Salesforce objects and custom objects with CSV files, cloud storage like Box, and with SaaS applications such as NetSuite.

DocuSign Salesforce Integration

DocuSign is a straightforward digital transaction platform, which permits users to send, sign and manage legally binding documents securely in the cloud.  RTS Labs can assist in a Docusign Salesforce integration. DocuSign for Salesforce is an amazing tool with a wide array of uses. Due to the robust functionality of the DocuSign platform, we can help integrate it into your existing Salesforce workflows in any number of ways.



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Integrating with the Platform and other Salesforce Platform Technologies

Integrating separate but related applications, of which many are not designed to work with one another out of the box, helps organizations achieve greater levels of operational efficiency, and consistency. Explore the various integration options related to and other Salesforce platform technologies.
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