What It Takes to Be a Salesforce MVP (Just Like Adam Marks!)

CRM, Leadership, Pro Dev, Salesforce March 10, 2017
Salesforce MVP

The Salesforce MVP program wasn’t in place when Salesforce started its user communities. It was born from the online Salesforce communities, where users ask each other questions and help each other out anytime they need it (which is ingenious, because these communities fulfill a huge customer and tech support need for Salesforce and their users).

Salesforce noticed that some users were more active in these communities. They were more available and responsive to questions, and they really knew their Salesforce stuff. Salesforce responded by upping their game, getting some of their core users involved and creating what is now known as the Salesforce MVP program.

Attaining Salesforce MVP status – and keeping it – isn’t easy. Salesforce MVP is an exclusive program that requires not only knowledge and expertise of Salesforce, but clout within the communities. In fact, to become a member you have to be nominated by other members within the community.

Once you become a Salesforce MVP, you have to keep earning your status. That’s why it’s so impressive that our own Adam Marks, director of Salesforce services at RTS Labs, has been a Salesforce MVP for almost five years!

The Salesforce MVP Program

Salesforce started their MVP program in 2010 to recognize exceptional individuals in the Salesforce community. The MVP designation means that these individuals have demonstrated a deep knowledge for Salesforce, contributed to the various Salesforce communities, and shown leadership within the Salesforce community.

The program is designed to boost influencers within the Salesforce community. Through the MVP status, Salesforce empowers MVPs with tools to help their careers and to boost the growth and knowledge among Salesforce users. MVPs can add the designation to their resumes. They also get access to exclusive networking events, opportunities to speak at the annual Dreamforce conference, and special briefings, trainings, and certifications.

What it takes to be a Salesforce MVP

It really takes a lot to become a Salesforce MVP. The core tenants of a Salesforce MVP include regular, active participation in multiple Salesforce Communities, a strong understanding of the Salesforce platform, features and communities, high responsiveness to questions posed within the communities, leadership, and advocacy for Salesforce and its community members.

MVPs must also demonstrate a willingness to give their time, knowledge and expertise without the need for accolades. In fact, being humble is a core tenant of the program. According to Adam, “I became an MVP because I gave to the community without any notion of being rewarded.”

Demonstrating all of these tenants is only the first part. You also have to be nominated by the community. Once that happens, then you have to apply. Then, the MVP community votes for you. And even once you’re in, you’re not in for life. You have to go through an MVP renewal process each year to make sure you are contributing to the community and maintaining your Salesforce knowledge.

According to Adam, “Most people don’t get in the first time they are nominated so it takes a pattern of repeated selfless contribution before you can get in and stay in.”

About Adam

Adam is a 4X Salesforce MVP. That means he has upheld all the requirements listed above for over three years. Adam has been with RTS Labs for three years. He has over five years of Salesforce and technology experience. Adam knows a lot about Salesforce, regularly contributes to the Salesforce Communities, and has even spoken at Dreamforce. His leadership drives our Salesforce Consulting Services team day in and day out.

Are you a member of any of the Salesforce Communities? You can find Adam regularly contributing to the following communities:

  • Salesforce Success Community
  • Salesforce Answers
  • Salesforce Stack Exchange
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  • Regional Salesforce Events
  • Richmond Developer User Group
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