Thanksgiving Re-Imagined: What a High-Tech Thanksgiving Might Look Like in the Future

Thanksgiving reimagined: What a high-tech Thanksgiving might look like

What could a high-tech Thanksgiving look like in the future? How much could we use technology to automate producing the Thanksgiving dinner – and help us find Black Friday deals after?

The crazy thing is that some of these high-tech Thanksgiving helpers are already here – or close to it! Here’s what we imagine the future of Thanksgiving might look like, if the geniuses and inventors at RTS Labs had their way …

Automated invitations

(That’s right – invitations, not “invites”…) Plenty of services already allow you to send out e-invitations to friends and family. Now, imagine taking it one step further! Based on algorithms from social media, your smartphone, and information about who your family is and where they live, a program could give you a suggested guest list. You approve it – and the invitations go out! Reminders go out at certain intervals.

The program could connect with your Thanksgiving menu on the Cloud. There, you can track your guests’ likes, dislikes, and food allergies. The system could also make suggestions to your guests of what to bring that would complement the dinner you’re planning.

Comparing travel options

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a program out there that could do all your holiday travel planning? Using artificial intelligence (AI), a program could scan the internet to compare gas prices, airfare, weather conditions, travel destinations, and other important logistical data. Then, it could use the same type of logic that business intelligence programs use to deliver some easy-to-read charts that break down your options, how long each option will take, the cost, and maps and recommendations for a smooth journey. (What would be even more amazing is if a program like this could coordinate on a national level, helping people leave in waves, so we’re not all on the interstates or in the airports at one time!)

Happy bonus: A system like this that uses AI to collect data and business intelligence logic to compile it for you could also be used to find the best deals on the food you need to buy to create the perfect Thanksgiving meal – and to find Black Friday deals the next day!

A smart oven that cooks the food for you

After drones deliver your Thanksgiving food to your doorstep, you could rely on the Internet of Things (IoT) to help you cook your dinner to perfection! Imagine a “smart oven” with sensors that can detect internal temperatures of food, moisture levels, and other variables that can make or break your dinner! Even better, what if this smart oven could be programmed with algorithms based on research and data and even troubleshoot solutions! You could get alerts to your phone: “Moisture levels are low. Time to baste the turkey.” Or, “Internal temperature achieved. Lowering oven temperature.” If you need to make an adjustment, you could use simply talk to your smartphone or your oven and give it directions. You could monitor the turkey while still enjoying time with your family and friends.

Maybe drones and little robots could help pass and serve the food, too … Hmmm …

What good is a high-tech Thanksgiving?

As with any technology, there has to be a purpose. Technology for technology’s sake may have a certain cool factor, but at RTS Labs, we believe technology should serve a higher purpose. It should make life better somehow.

These high-tech Thanksgiving developments, should they ever happen, could help people spend more quality time together with less stress around the holidays. And THAT would be a worthy cause.

The RTS Labs family wishes you a very happy Thanksgiving and a year ahead full of things to be grateful for.

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