Technology We Use

RTS Labs works with a wide range of software development and web design services so that we can match the optimal technology to your needs.

Our team is proficient in the following:
.NET – A highly scalable, powerful framework from Microsoft.

Java – A programming language that benefits from a full range of the third party libraries and frameworks, allowing you to “write once, run anywhere”.

PHP – One of the most popular scripting languages on the web.

Ruby on Rails – An open-source web framework that favors convention over configuration.

Grails – An open-source, full stack, web application framework for the Java Virtual Machine.

Salesforce – Cloud service that manages the full range of your business processes to help you close more deals.

Databases – Smart and efficient database development to optimize your applications.

Web 2.0 – Website design and software architecture that form a new class of web applications.

Rich Internet Applications – Applications that combine the best features of desktop software, web-based applications, and multimedia communication.

Mobile Platforms – Innovative, mobile ready solutions that meet the unique needs of your business.

If there is a technology you are interested in using for your project, but that is not listed above, let us know!
We are always open to exploring new solutions.