DevOps Consulting

Accelerate your development cycle, minimize costs, and drive efficiency with our advanced DevOps consulting team behind you.

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DevOps Consulting

Accelerate your development cycle, minimize costs, and drive efficiency with our advanced DevOps consulting team behind you.


DevOps managed services can turn up the velocity of your service and application delivery. Organizational practices and tools are required to execute it properly. But DevOps is first and foremost a culture of how and why you work, and the highest performing companies have already adopted it. We’d like you to be next.

DevOps Professional Services and Consulting At a Glance:

  • DevOps culture consulting and rollout
  • Accelerated application time-to-market
  • Hosting cost reduction and speed improvement
  • Increased uptime and reduced downtime incidents
  • Alert and security automation
  • Collaboration tools and team integration
  • DevOps advisory services for your whole team
  • Ongoing performance optimization
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Helpful Links:

Start Here: Building a DevOps Culture

Building a DevOps culture starts long before your DevOps adoption. The days of insufficient code testing and unilateral deployment are over. The tools that enable DevOps will partially bring about the needed cultural shifts, but leadership is instrumental in building (and keeping) a DevOps culture.

Unlike other DevOps consulting companies, RTS Labs helps clients take a proven, phased approach to the cultural shift that is DevOps. Our team does it, too: we underwent a cultural shift that now allow us to practice DevOps internally, and for our clients. The result of our experience is a structured-but-flexible plan to help your team successfully build and adopt a DevOps culture.

Making the Move to DevOps Cloud Computing

DevOps does not require your applications and services to be on the cloud, but DevOps does enable and optimize for cloud computing. The principles and practices that underlie DevOps can be used to directly address the challenges of the cloud.

If you have weighed the decision to move your application to the cloud, DevOps cloud services is the logical next step. Consider it the backbone of your move to the cloud. You can survive your move to the cloud without DevOps in place, but you would forego the best infrastructure aimed at minimizing risk.

Having a process that includes all stakeholders is a critical path to addressing the challenges inherent to the cloud. DevOps brings together stakeholders in development, operations, testing, and information security to unify and streamline the process from conception to launch.

DevOps Automation Consulting

One of the most attractive aspects of DevOps is its emphasis on automation tools. Without proper implementation, tools are not very useful. Our DevOps Automation Consulting first considers your goals, then aligns automation to help achieve those goals while greatly reducing errors.

Automation can be included at various points in the development, deployment, and monitoring cycle:

  • Developing code
  • Testing and verifying code
  • Creating a test environment and infrastructure
  • Successfully deploying code
  • Data collection
  • Security notifications
  • Executing the entire DevOps pipeline

Agile Methodology + DevOps

You don’t need to hear it from us to know that agile is the most common approach to software development. Its emphasis on shorter cycles favors speed of release and feedback acquisition and implementation. For this reason, DevOps and Agile play well together.

According to Atlassian, “DevOps seeks to bring that Agile attitude toward change to a new audience: IT Operations.” If your company is already using an agile approach, adoption of DevOps will be a natural evolution. Either way, if your team values speed and implementing feedback, combining Agile and DevOps will be an important step in increasing efficiency and modernizing your team.

RTS Labs is a DevOps and Agile shop, and our team can help bring a similar culture to you. Whether you’re looking for a cultural shift, or a completely outsourced solution to your technical needs, we can help.

AWS Consulting

Are you considering Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the backbone of your infrastructure? It’s the leading choice for DevOps teams, and our AWS consulting can help you go from conception to implementation of your AWS project.

Our deep experience with AWS consulting has led to the completion of more than 40+ projects over the last 5+ years. Our experience includes moving applications to the AWS cloud, building from scratch, and optimizing existing applications on AWS.

Automate and Report

We use the most advanced, industry-leading tools to automate and measure your delivery pipeline. Reporting happens routinely and automatically, so you can continuously evaluate and optimize performance.

DevOps and Security

Some DevOps service providers are incomplete because they don’t adhere to strict security requirements. Our DevOps consulting secures access to your resources, and provides granular control and oversight over their permissions.