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RTS Labs and Techli Consider Wearable Technologies This Year

December 17, 2014
Posted in: News

As technology gets smaller and more efficient, the applications seem to be endless. Incorporating technology even into the clothes we wear means a future of data collection that can impact our lives on an even more personal level.

The article “11 Coolest Wearable Tech Pieces of the Past Year,” featured in Techli, highlights a few wearable gadgets that members of the YEC found the most innovative. Jyot Singh, CEO and founder of RTS Labs, talks about the Sensoria clothing line which gathers fitness performance data straight from your body:

“Sensoria developed a line of shirts, sports bras and socks with embedded textile sensors that gather data about your fitness performance. They are machine-washable and fit like traditional clothing. With their minimalist design, they are paving the way for other wearables that provide significant data without requiring a fashion statement or change in lifestyle.”

Check out more wearable technologies featured in the full article:

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