Our culture

We are a community built on transparency, learning, and excellence. Our culture is our secret weapon.

Our constants (CTL+BE)

Our five constants are the variables that never change. They define who we are today and help us make decisions about our future.

Community (C)
Our flat leadership structure empowers our self-managed teams to succeed. We expect a lot from each other but give more in return. The power of playfulness helps us form a strong bond to fulfill a very serious commitment: To do everything in our power to never let each other down.
Transparency (T)
We expect adult behavior and reject office politics. Our ecosystem of honesty exists between ourselves, our clients, and in self-reflection. Your input isn’t just encouraged, it’s required. No matter our growth, we’re committed to doing the right thing.
Learning (L)
Difficult problems energize us, fueling our growth as we search for answers. We’re all teachers and students in the same day. When we see a solution, but it is outside of our comfort zone, we default to saying yes
Building (B)
We’re natural born builders who are agnostic about technology— as long as the result is awesome. We are not order takers, but we are approachable listeners. Our solutions have elegant exteriors, and the code is just as beautiful under the hood.
Excellence (E)
From our process to our people, greatness is sought everywhere. Even after our best work, we reflect on how to improve. Like code, our relationships are constantly iterating: We continuously look for ways not just to do better work, but to work better together.

At RTS Labs, you will find a hard-working but casual workplace with no crap, few meetings, and a get-it-done philosophy.

There are no closed doors and no scheduled office hours. Instead, we are a self-managed and self-motivated team of people who always look for new ways to improve our efficiency. We work hard for our clients and for ourselves, and that means we expect a lot from our employees.

We work as a team, so we play as a team too

Although we work hard to bring custom solutions to the clients we serve, it isn’t always work at RTS Labs. We believe that a team that works hard together should play together as well.

When we aren’t buried in our work, we:
A photo of RTS's annual Llama Party team-building event
Take walks around the pond together
Have lunch together
Gather at places around town for team-building fun
Celebrate project launches and successes
Enjoy monthly lightning talks
Regularly eat delicious treats from one of our many accomplished amateur bakers

What guides us at RTS Labs

Our common principles and values in the workplace guide the discussion and interaction with our company, our people, and our clients.

Those principles are:

  • Leading through learning & teaching
  • Mutual respect
  • Honest communication
RTS Labs software programmer at work

We're proud of our culture

RTS Labs is a flat organization with an open office layout that promotes creativity, collaboration, and communication. Our CEO doesn’t even have an office. Our culture thrives on:

  • Leading by example
    We’ve found that we’re more efficient when we remove the barriers that hierarchy creates. Everyone at RTS has a chance to be a leader, take charge on a project, or add valuable insight to the projects they’re working on.
  • Celebrating our employees
    Our employees are our biggest asset. We make sure they know it by celebrating birthdays, milestone events, and project successes.
  • Dependability
    Working in a flat organization means dependability is crucial. We are a self-managed and self-motivated team, so we must truly depend on one another to complete work for our clients.
  • Sincere camaraderie
    Our open office space allows great conversation and collaboration with our developers, allowing us to quickly solve problems and learn from our colleagues.
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We believe that diversity makes us stronger. Having a room full of people with different beliefs and backgrounds enhances creativity and problem solving.

Each person at RTS Labs brings individual talents, skills, and perspectives to the table, enriching our projects, company, and culture. In fact, we have employees that come from more than 24 countries!

diversity at RTS Labs


We attract people who think outside of the box, enjoy working in a fast-paced environment, and thrive when asked to solve challenging problems. Check out our careers page for opportunities.

See our open positions
RTS Labs office entryway

RTS Labs perks

Why RTS Labs? We aren’t confined to one product, framework, or a specific language. We work with a wide variety of technologies and with an open mind, allowing our developers to expand their knowledge, stay up-to-date with technology, and advance their careers. We also offer the following:

  • Team activities & lunches
  • New computer
  • 401k + company match
  • Competitive salary
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Work/life balance
  • Paid professional development
  • Assigned mentors
  • Excellent Benefits
  • Half-day off on Birthdays
RTS Labs meeting

Richmond is the place to be

RVA has been our home since we were founded in 2010. With a growing startup/tech scene and a robust dining and craft beer scene, we are proud to be a part of this community. Read more about our amazing city of Richmond, Virginia!

Richmond, Virginia is a hotspot for business

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