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At RTS Labs, we believe in a smarter approach to product growth. We use robust data insights and proven methods to help refine your product for maximum impact, transformation, and success. Trust our process to give your business the competitive edge it deserves!

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Discover our comprehensive process.

At RTS Labs, we know complex business challenges can be your biggest opportunity for growth. That’s why our elite cross-functional teams – from talented strategists to brilliant engineers – use only the best solutions to turn complexity into a competitive advantage.

1. Goals

Our dialogue-driven approach to business challenges

At RTS Labs, conversations are where it all begins. We analyze your goals and challenges, dive deep to uncover insights, and through extensive interviews and creative storyboards, we examine your existing processes and tech environment. Our expertise helps identify top-value solutions, setting the stage for transformative growth. Let’s start the conversation and discover what’s possible, together.

We collaborate with you to assess your needs
We interview and workshop with you and your key people to discuss your current needs, technical issues, security and regulation concerns, software, and users—whatever is holding back your business.
We compile research to devise a strategy that can work for you
We compile comprehensive research and devise a strategy customized to your business with our experts' cross-sector experience in healthcare, finance, energy, retail, non-profit sector and more.
We Determine a Solution to meet your goals
We craft a value solution that reflects our discussions and interviews, mapping out a plan that matches your specific goals and needs.

2. Scope

Don't just wish it, define it

Dreaming is easy — defining it, not so much. That’s where RTS Labs comes in. Once we’ve mapped out your ideal solution, our Business Systems Analysts (BSAs) gets down to brass tacks, working with you to establish the scope of your project. We brainstorm every aspect of your vision to create a comprehensive Feature Priority Matrix, prioritizing the most critical features. From there, we refine and define your dream solution with specific user stories, ensuring we deliver on your vision, every time.

Develop user stories based on your goals
We craft compelling user stories based on your project's unique feature requests, mapping each story to your security, regulatory, and platform requirements. Our innovative approach ensures each user story is targeted and delivers value to your business.
We work on the UI based on the user stories
Using state-of-the-art UI wireframes, we bring your user stories to life. Collaborating with our Agile team and your business stakeholders, we create intuitive and effective interfaces that power your product to greater success.
We make recommendations that match technology with your solution
Our Business Systems Analysts (BSAs) and subject matter experts take responsibility for finding the best technology, systems, and design to match your unique business needs.

3. Requirements & Estimation

Crafting requirements to raise the bar

At RTS Labs, we understand the importance of transparency in delivering your project’s solution. That’s why we take your user stories and craft detailed requirements documents that define the level of effort needed to make your goals a reality. With this comprehensive approach, you can trust that we’re delivering on our promises and providing world-class solutions to match.

Define your solution's platform
From Ruby on Rails to Salesforce and beyond, we take the guesswork out of platform selection. RTS Labs customizes your tech solution, leveraging proven technology platforms to power your success.
We identify all the necessary parts of the solution
The devil is in the details, but at RTS Labs love a challenge. We leave no back-end stone unturned, including databases, servers, web services, file storage, website hosting, and security protocols.
We map out and prioritize the requirements
Our expert development team maps out your requirements into development sprints, carefully prioritizing to create a clear and actionable path to success.

4. Development

Balancing efficiency & quality

Now it’s time for our developers to get to work. We deliver your solution in phases, developing functionality and features in sprints. Our designers work from wireframes to craft the front end’s appearance and functionality. Programmers, data analysts and database architects solidify the back end components, web services and reports.

We use best practices to deliver a quality product
RTS Labs' front-end designers blend the latest in UI/UX design with expert functionality and responsiveness, delivering websites that deliver on your brand promise.
We use modern coding techniques to build secure systems
Our experienced programmers use the latest coding techniques and top-level industry practices to ensure end-to-end security in your solutions.
We craft powerful data solutions
Our data analysts and database experts propel your business forward with cutting-edge data platforms powered by powerful web services and focus on redundancy and optimized high-traffic scenarios.

5. Quality Assurance

Our streamlined QA process

At RTS Labs, we take on the double challenge of ensuring both speed and quality in our development approach. With our streamlined QA process, we keep you updated on your project’s progress at every step, highlighting progress, addressing roadblocks, and tracking requested changes and improvements. And to ensure the utmost quality, we develop comprehensive QA tests that cover every feature and user story, top to bottom, driving your project towards on-time, on-budget success.

We develop test plans across all functionality
At RTS Labs, we develop custom test plans that ensure full functionality across all features and user stories, tracing back to every step of the process.
We utilize various tests to ensure the quality of our product.
Ensuring your success requires meticulous attention to detail, and that's exactly what our QA testing services provide. We handle everything from system functionality and user interface testing to regression and smoke tests, working to prevent errors, bugs, and anything else that might stand in the way of your solution's success.
We ensure that our product is delivered on time
From ensuring user accounts are activated to checking software licenses, web hosting, database connections, and more, we coordinate every aspect of delivery so you have peace of mind.

6. Training & support

Beyond "go live"

At RTS Labs, we know that your solution is an investment in your future, and that’s why our commitment to your success goes beyond the initial deployment. And when you need support, RTS Labs is always here, delivering the expert training and support services you need to stay competitive, reach your goals, and succeed in the long run.

We provide training to help you maximize your yield
We deliver not only innovative, customized solutions but also a full suite of training, documentation, and support resources to ensure your users can take full advantage of your new solution.
We provide technical support to ensure our product continues to function
Technical support is at the heart of our commitment to you, with a range of options aimed at ensuring your solution stays functioning optimally.
We maintain contact to ensure your satisfaction
We make it easy to stay in touch with continuous contact and a dedication to working with you on everything from enhancing your current solution to tackling your next big project or requirement.

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