Our process

We track your users, measure against your goals, and improve your product ecosystem.

From goal-setting to go-live and beyond

Our elite cross-functional teams — from strategists to engineers — use only the best solutions to turn the most complex part of your business into a competitive advantage.

1. Goals

Define your business challenges and your goals

It begins with conversations to discover your business goals and what lies ahead. Your goals figure prominently in our discussions. Be prepared; we keep the questions coming! Through interviews, storyboards, and scenarios, we examine your current business processes and existing technology environment, helping identify a potential value solution that meets your business goals.

We collaborate with you to assess your needs
We interview and workshop, bringing in you and your key people to discuss your current needs, technical issues, security and regulation concerns, software and users—whatever is keeping your business from moving forward.
We compile research to devise a strategy that can work for you
We provide research and strategy. Our experts have prior experience in many fields: healthcare, financial, energy, retail, non-profit sector and more.
We Determine a Solution to meet your goals
We craft a value solution—a response to these discussions and interviews, mapping out a potential solution to your business goals and demands.

2. Scope

Define & refine the scope of your project

With a value solution mapped out, our Business Systems Analyst (BSA) works with you to establish the scope of your project and we help to brainstorm all aspects of the desired solution. These feature requests are captured and tracked in a Feature Priority Matrix. We further define and refine, developing user stories around the highest priority features.

Develop user stories based on your goals
We develop user stories built around your project’s feature requests, mapping these to security requirements, regulations, and proposed technology platforms.
We work on the UI based on the user stories
We wire frame the user interface (UI) developed from user stories with guidance from our Information Architects or your own resources.
We make recommendations that match technology with your solution
Our BSA and subject experts make clear recommendations matching the right technology, systems, and user design with your solution.

3. Requirements & estimation

Craft the requirements and provide detailed, honest estimates

Working from user stories, we build a requirements document and define the level of effort needed to deliver your project’s solution. We provide you with a project schedule with estimated timelines and clearly explained costs.

Define your solution's platform
We define your solution’s platform, whether its custom software development using Ruby on Rails or Java, leveraging Salesforce, a new website in WordPress or other proven technology platform.
We identify all the necessary parts of the solution
We identify all parts of the solution’s back end including databases, servers, web services, file storage, website hosting, security protocols, and all necessary licensing and software/hardware purchasing options.
We map out and prioritize the requirements
Our development team lead and BSA map out and prioritize requirements into development phases or sprints, marking a clear path for developers to begin work on your project.

4. Development

Balancing efficiency & quality

Now it’s time for our developers to get to work. We deliver your solution in phases, developing functionality and features in sprints. Our designers work from wireframes to craft the front end’s appearance and functionality. Programmers, data analysts and database architects solidify the back end components, web services and reports.

We use best practices to deliver a quality product
Our front-end designers and developers leverage best practices and innovations in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. We deliver websites that are responsive and work well on all target screens: from smartphones to desktops to kiosks.
We use modern coding techniques to build secure systems
Our programmers use modern coding techniques and follow the latest industry-accepted practices to build secure systems for your solution.
We craft powerful data solutions
Our data analysts and database experts craft your solution’s data platform; we use powerful web services with redundancy and high-availability so your solution is robust and can withstand high-user traffic scenarios.

5. Quality assurance

Delivering on time and on budget

As we complete each development sprint, we communicate with you on your project’s status. Our meetings will highlight progress, discuss any impediments or roadblocks, and track requested changes and improvements. During development and its conclusion, we develop quality assurance tests that cover all features and user stories.

We develop test plans across all functionality
We develop test plans that trace back to user stories and features, checking for coverage across all functionality provided by the solution.
We utilize various tests to ensure the quality of our product.
Our QA testing includes system functionality tests, user interface tests, regression tests (testing previously-released features again so they are not broken by new features), smoke tests (testing across the entire platform), and aiding you in conducting user acceptance tests.
We ensure that our product is delivered on time
We coordinate the date of delivery for your solution to ensure a smooth rollout. This includes the activation of user accounts, checking all required software licenses, web site hosting, database and web service connectivity.

6. Training & support

Going beyond “live"

Your investment and partnership with RTS Labs is part of a process that continues after your solution has been delivered and deployed. Your new solution should adapt as your business goals and requirements evolve.

We provide training to help you maximize your yield
We can provide training, documentation, and help guides so your users can take full advantage of your new solution.
We provide technical support to ensure our product continues to function
We can provide technical support in several forms to keep your new solution functioning and to respond to reported issues.
We maintain contact to ensure your satisfaction
We believe in maintaining contact and invite you to approach RTS Labs to enhance your current solution or to tackle your next big project or requirement.

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