Customer data is one of the most important kinds of data to your company. Its collection, curation, and use are what help you to build and strengthen customer relationships, plan marketing initiatives, make strategic decisions, and forecast sales. These important tasks cannot be left to spreadsheets and contact lists. In order for your business to successfully run and properly leverage customer data, you need a CRM that can make these processes effortless and efficient. For these reasons, of all the CRM choices out there, there are 7 reasons why you should use Salesforce CRM.

We know it can be hard to make a final decision on a CRM. It’s a big commitment – one we’ve helped clients through time and time again. After creating custom solutions and helping clients take control of their data for so long, we’ve seen and worked with just about every CRM system out there. But in the end, in our minds, Salesforce is the best solution and the one you’re likely to get the best ROI on. Here’s why.

Artificial intelligence

By far the coolest feature of them all! Salesforce has artificial intelligence (AI) built right into its CRM to help improve your processes, automate workflows, discover insights, and make predictions. It’s called Einstein and its purpose is to help you make the most of the data you’re collecting. Salesforce knows that having a powerful platform is one thing, but knowing how to use it and draw insights from the data is another.

That’s where Einstein comes in. Einstein’s powerful AI and machine learning algorithms go right to work analyzing and learning your workflows and customer habits. As it learns, it will automatically use data science to offer up predictions, automate workflows, qualify leads, and recommend products based on customer behavior.

Mobile-first design

Your sales team probably doesn’t sit at a desk all day long. One of the biggest challenges for sales teams is transferring data from handwritten sales logs and notes while in the field to your CRM upon return. The process is manual, time consuming, and inefficient. Salesforce was built to be mobile – going everywhere your team goes. All your CRM data can be accessed and updated from anywhere, making it easy to manage leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities – even when you’re offline.

Lots of integrations

Salesforce integrates with just about every major third-party business application out there. Customer support software, analytics software, financial software … Salesforce can pull in data from other tools so you have everything in one place. This helps provide the big picture to everyone on your team. Customer payment histories, support data, and marketing data can all be cross referenced and displayed on one easy dashboard.

Motivate your team

The team at Salesforce is exceptional at motivating users through visualizations and gamification. The Salesforce Trailhead program, designed to help users learn the software in a fun, approachable way, has been so successful they now white label the technology for other companies to use.

Most CRMs have goal setting and tracking features, but Salesforce goes beyond that. They’ve implemented some of the same features to help your sales team gain momentum and meet their goals. Using advanced graphics and AI, the tool will help you track goals, visualize what’s needed to achieve them, determine where tasks need to be concentrated, and even predict future results.

Scale without breaking

Starting small with room to grow? Salesforce can grow with your business, allowing plenty of options to upgrade without breaking anything or losing data. It’s also modular. So, as your business needs more solutions (such as Sales Cloud, Cloud Service, or Cloud Marketing), you can add tools from the Salesforce platform to meet those needs.

Built-in marketing features

Customer relationship management and marketing go hand in hand. When you use Salesforce CRM, you can manage your marketing through the application. It allows for the creation of marketing campaigns that target prospects in your pipeline and has metrics built in to measure effectiveness and calculate ROI.


Here’s what we love most about Salesforce CRM: It is 100% customizable. You can make easy customizations using their point-and-click features, integrate any one of the hundreds of mobile-ready apps from AppExchange, or build a completely custom application using Salesforce developer tools. You can bend this system to your will – as long as you have the right strategy for figuring out which Salesforce features you really need and which are actually a distraction.

Whether you’re sure Salesforce customization is what you need or you’re still considering all your CRM options, make sure you’ve got a strong strategy in place for implementing your CRM. Give us a ring and set up a free consultation with our amazing team of Salesforce developers and pros. Ask our clients – this team can build a completely custom application that suits your exact needs, is optimized for platform usability, and is integrated with all of your business tools. Learn more about the RTS Labs Salesforce customization services and what might be useful for you.