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5 Ways Using Salesforce for CRM Can Make You a Financial Industry Superstar

October 14, 2016
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If you’re a financial industry professional, you already know that being in finance isn’t just about being good with money and numbers. To truly make it in the financial industry, you have to build relationships with clients, stay organized, set and reach client financial goals, and keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. And to do all that, there are 5 ways using Salesforce for your CRM can make you a financial industry superstar.

Back in the day, a rolodex and a spreadsheet or two were enough to help you track client goals, as well as your own, and stay in touch with everyone. But it’s not that easy anymore. Clients today expect more but also want that personal touch from their adviser. They want to be involved in the process, and they want to feel secure that the adviser they choose has their best interests in mind.

Which is why financial services pros have realized just like anyone else in sales that a client relationship management system (CRM) is essential. But not all CRMs are created equal. Financial services professionals need a CRM that can keep up with the high demands, regulations, and restrictions that they have to comply with in their industry. Salesforce can be the CRM superstar people in the financial industry are looking for – and in turn make you a financial industry superstar!

Dashboards can increase productivity

It’s common knowledge that wealth advisers spend almost half their time pulling client information and preparing for client meetings. All this time could be saved with a savvy dashboard that pulls information in real time and delivers much needed reports with the push of a button.

Salesforce CRM reduces the time spent digging for information, toggling between different systems or using complicated and slow legacy systems. Less time spent on administrative activities means more time to focus on delivering excellent service and building deeper relationships with clients.

Get better at sales

If you want to grow, you’ve got to be able to generate and convert leads. Making phone calls, sending emails and networking are all crucial but time consuming tasks. But what if you had a system that made the process easier? With Salesforce, you can manage your sales process within the CRM and be smarter about sales. Tracking client referrals, delivering insights on new leads, identifying new opportunities, and converting more leads is all possible with Salesforce.

Build trust through personalization

According to the 2016 Salesforce Connected Investor Report, 61% percent of investors are “scared of their future financial well being” and only “47% of global investors believe their financial adviser has their best interests as top priority when recommending financial advice.”

Building trust with clients is important for both retention and referrals. But, the question is: How do you build that trust? One way might be through technology. The Connected Investor Report found that many investors choose their financial adviser based on their use of technology. In fact, 76% cited the ability to get a holistic view of their accounts as a factor in how they chose their financial adviser, and 67% cited having access to modern financial planning tools as a factor.

Building trust with clients is two-fold. It takes personalization and transparency. Salesforce gives you the tools you need to do both. Slick looking reports and personalized dashboards give your clients a holistic view of their accounts and allow them to track progress and goals, delivering the transparency they expect. Features like event alerts that remind you to reach out and functionality that allows you to track each client’s personal and financial goals helps you to deliver a more personalized service.

The technology appeals to millennials

While many think of millennials as just graduating college, the oldest of the millennials are now 35 and entering a higher income bracket. It’s time to get them investing and managing their money – for those who aren’t doing it already.

Millennials are in need of financial advice, but financial services providers won’t woo them with old school services. Millennials expect technology. They want to be engaged and a part of the decision-making process. They want to have access to their information. All these expectations can be met with Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce is fully customizable

Finally, Salesforce is a superstar CRM for the financial services industry, because it is completely customizable. First off, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud was built with the industry in mind. But beyond that, the platform can be customized for any vertical, any organization, or any data model.

If you’re in the financial services industry and are looking for a CRM to help your organization manage client accounts and grow, Salesforce might be the superstar CRM that makes you a superstar in the financial industry.

Have questions about starting with Salesforce or how to customize it to get more from it? Give us a call to schedule an initial consultation. It’s always free – and whether you work with us or not, we guarantee you’ll walk away with at least one good idea (and hopefully more). And fresh ideas are definitely worth your time.
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