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Thankful for Our Startup-Friendly Community in RVA

November 22, 2017
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Read anything good in lately? We have. recently featured the extended tech community in Richmond, our RTS Labs founder Jyot Singh, and our clients in a fabulous article that we were excited to read this month!

Why Richmond Virginia Is Attracting Startups to Local Accelerators

The startup community in Richmond has grown significantly in the past five years – so much so that people around the country are starting to notice Richmond’s thriving startup culture!

Tech towns don’t turn into new business incubators overnight. It takes an entire ecosystem of programs, investors, and business owners who put in time to mentor young companies and startups. We have all of that in Richmond. For example:

Lighthouse Labs, a top 25 accelerator program

Co.Starters RVA, a business model validation program

Startup Virginia, an incubator for high growth companies

And in addition to those organizations, lots of successful entrepreneurs put in their own personal time to mentor other entrepreneurs and young people in the area. As a whole, people in Richmond, Virginia really believe in giving back to the community.

Finding a city that has the right atmosphere and culture for startups is about more than just the technology. There has to be a community to support these companies and entrepreneurs. A city needs to have engaging things to do, good infrastructure, educational opportunities, an educated workforce… all of which Richmond has. (And let’s also not forget Richmond’s amazing food and craft beer scene! Get all the reasons in “6 Things that Make Richmond a Technology Hub.“)

We love being a part of this community, mentoring startups, and eventually becoming their technology partner.

This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for our clients, our community, and our employees. But in particular, we’re thankful to work and live in such a wonderful, tech- and startup-friendly environment as Richmond, Virginia – where people really give back to each other and support our thriving startup culture.