What It’s Really Like to Work with No Managers, No Meetings in a Flat Organization

Innovation, News August 26, 2016
RTS Labs team collaborating on project ideas

Have you ever thought to yourself in the course of a day, “I could get so much more done if my manager weren’t standing in my way and if I didn’t have to go to so many meetings!”

You’re not the only one. In fact, it’s thoughts like that one that inspired flat organizations (also called horizontal organizations). These are businesses or groups that have found a way to self manage. Associates within the organization don’t necessarily report to a supervisor. They are responsible to each other for how they treat each other and for getting their work done.

And it can be an amazing thing.

RTS Labs founder Jyot Singh recently wrote and published an article on Medium, talking about how our flat organizational structure contributes strongly to our success. He chalks up the company’s success to four distinct principles.

Jyot believes not only in being accessible but also in making sure people are operating in a supportive environment where they are given the freedom and space to do their own work. To learn from each other. To accomplish as much as they are motivated to accomplish – not just completing tasks to please him or some other manager.

Could any of these principles apply to where you work? To your team, your department, or even your whole organization? Check out the Medium article to find out.

Then, if you have questions about the RTS Labs structure or anything else related to leadership or technology, feel free to reach out to Jyot and the RTS Labs team. We’re always available – and we love exchanging ideas.