What if you could convert an opportunity into an order with just a few clicks?

Introducing the free, 100% native, must-have app for any Salesforce user:
Opp2Order – Opportunity to an Order with just a few clicks!

Key benefits

Increase Sales Effectiveness
Quicker Revenue Cycle

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Save your time for selling.

Tired of re-entering order after order into Salesforce?Now you don’t have to leave an opportunity to create a new order object. Opp2Order is 100% built on Salesforce and lives right in your opportunity details page.

Simply click the Convert to Order button to begin the process.

opp2order screen

Create Contracts on the fly.

Sometimes you’re ahead of the game. You’re ready to make that sale a reality and create an order, but you’re missing the right Contract information.

Don’t slow down your pace – Opp2Order allows you to easily generate new contracts during the conversion process, with just a few clicks.

opp2order browser screenshot

More than one Contract?

No problem.
Opp2Order prompts the user to select which Contract to convert into an order.

Create the order you need, and leave the rest behind.

opp2order browser screenshot

Eliminate manual errors.

Opp2Order copies all relevant fields from the selected Opportunity, including all Product Line Items, and duplicates them into a new Order object.

opp2order screen

Quick Setup.

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