RTS Labs looks for ways to fill the gaps in the ever-expanding technology industry.

We never stop searching for ways to improve workflow and user experience within the technology platforms we use. And sometimes that means building our own products if the right tool isn’t out there.


Designed for companies who need more than the standard Salesforce Opportunities, Quotes and Products but are not looking for an expensive, long term, overly-complex solution.

CPQLite simplifies the Opportunity entry process allowing users to bundle products and add them to an Opportunity en mass.

Additionally, CPQLite comes with a completely native and dynamic Opportunity/Quote template generator.

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Configure schedulable data imports and exports with an easy-to-use interface.

Salesforce is extremely powerful, but data integrations can be complicated and expensive. Rather than hiring a developer, what if you could configure scheduled data jobs in Salesforce and run them automatically?

EPYC provides a user-friendly, easy-to-understand interface to integrate SFTP, FTP and most of the widely used databases into your Salesforce environment.

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Convert opportunities into orders with just a few clicks.

Our Salesforce app, Opp2Order, converts your Opportunities into Orders via a short conversion wizard that walks you through the 3-step process.

Streamline your order entry workflow and eliminate manual entry errors.

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