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Architecting the Future is a cross-functional business podcast that features leaders who are shaping modern business using operational creativity and digital technology. On each episode, we’ll interview an accomplished business leader for their personal story and insights.

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Architecting The Future with James Urquhart, Principal Technologist at VMware

Season 2, Episode 9 | October 30, 2023

Get ready for a mind-expanding discussion on the future of data.

We’re thrilled to sit down with VMware trailblazer James Urquhart, who’s going to blow your mind with revolutionary insights from his new book Flow Architecture.

Imagine a world where applications communicate seamlessly in real-time. Where data flows rapidly and freely across systems. Where groundbreaking event-driven integration unlocks unbelievable efficiency and innovation.

This is the exciting shift Urquhart foresees—and we get to peer inside his brain to understand how it could fundamentally transform technology and business.

Whether you’re a data geek, automation aficionado, or simply fascinated by emerging trends, you won’t want to miss this visionary peek into our data-driven future.

Join us for a compelling conversation that will leave you rethinking everything you know about integration, architecture, and more as we pick Urquhart’s brilliant brain!

Featured in this episode:
James Urquhart

Principal Technologist