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How Data Warehousing Can Improve Decision Making

January 30, 2023
Posted in: Data, Innovation, People Services

Cloud-based technology has transformed the corporate sector by facilitating the retrieval and storage of vital information on customers, goods, and staff. This information is used to influence crucial business choices.

After all, we now live in data-centric times. Numerous multinational organizations have resorted to database warehousing to arrange data that flows in from their worldwide offices and operations centers. Data now has to be processed and distributed at unprecedented rates, and it only makes sense that we best utilize it to support our businesses. 

IT students must comprehend why data warehousing helps firms stay competitive in a global market that is ever-expanding. This article will look at how data warehousing might assist company and organization decision-making.

What is Data Warehousing?

At its core, data warehousing is a system that stores and manages massive quantities of data from several sources in a central place. It is intended to facilitate the efficient querying and processing of data for decision-making purposes.

This isn’t the same as operational Microsoft Access databases though. Data warehouse systems vary from operational databases in that they hold historical data, making it simpler for company executives to examine data over a certain period. Platforms for data warehousing also organize data depending on the topic matter, such as clients, goods, and business activities.

In addition to providing storage capability, a digital warehouse will rearrange the data and develop it to be better utilized, operating as a conventional database, supporting query needs and data to make it available to end users.

Why do you need a Data Warehouse?

Spreadsheets aren’t Enough Anymore

As much as we all love a handy and reliable spreadsheet, sometimes they just don’t cut it anymore. Spreadsheets are utilized in every area of an organization, regardless of its size, to monitor data. Spreadsheets, or Excel sheets, are among the most trusted business tools available. 

The issue that organizations face is that spreadsheets are increasing exponentially in terms of data, and integrating the Excel spreadsheets of each division to gather the necessary data and create manual reports is a time-intensive process. If you are having trouble preserving records and developing strategy, it’s time to create a reliable data warehouse.

At the end of the day, spreadsheets have their own limitations; you will face scenarios when excel sheets simply block you from adding more information. What we’ve often found with clients using spreadsheets systems at RTS Labs is that after hitting this threshold, your staff may see a decline in productivity and efficiency. 

While spreadsheets are meant to manage a certain quantity and variety of information, they are limited to a single kind of data. Data warehousing may aggregate, extract, and source many types of data and architectures in a unified format to facilitate solution accessibility.

Constantly Sharing Files is Inefficient

At times, workers must depend on a third party, department, or individual to extract or get the necessary data, to evaluate the data, and provide useful reports for the company or the team. It is very inefficient to wait for others to give information before beginning work. 

Implementing a reliable data warehouse may assist in offering information to all group members on a single platform, hence reducing the time required to monitor and convert data. Letting you say goodbye to the 100s of Excel PDF exports you made for your manager.

How can Data Warehousing Improve Decision Making?

Better Business Intelligence

Business decisions are crucial and may be optimal when fueled by quick insights gleaned from real-time data collection. When formulating a corporate strategy or establishing a certain operational module as standard operating procedures, businesses must depend on data-driven facts that enable them to make decisive choices.

Real-time insights derived from unprocessed or parsed information that generate a better data representation may boost the effectiveness of segmenting the market, inventory control, financial planning, and sales. Thus, the company may become more competitive and market-ready to survive upheavals in technology, trends, or customer behavior.

How Data Warehousing Can Improve Decision Making

Faster Processing Output to Guide Decisions

A data warehouse is more than just a repository for information; it also facilitates data retrieval and organizes data management and analysis. When you have to make choices quickly, the availability of a tool that can query recorded data in a systematic way and offer immediate response speeds up the process. The high-performance data analysis aids in comprehending patterns and adapting to change, enabling organizations to make better choices in a timely manner that provide positive outcomes.

Making Data More Accessible

The best part about a DW system is that the Key Performance Indicators are stored on an unified dashboard created by data warehouses. A portion of the data is truly KPIs that impact decision making, and if they are accessible in an instant, the company saves a great deal of time. When an organization’s upper management has access to a dynamic dashboard, they do not need to depend on the IT department for data collection. When you have accessibility to a centralized platform that performs several activities, decision making is expedited since you spend less time obtaining data and more time doing analyses that might impact the results.

Improve ROI on Future Ventures

Most businesses use data aggregation as a service to save expenses and increase revenues. But this is not as straightforward as it may seem to you. Data streamlines the process with future projections by detecting customer and market behaviors and predicting future trends, upon which planning may be built. Using real-time analytics, these essential inputs impact the decision-making process to support or combat market disruptions. With such a methodology, ROIs that benefit the organization as a whole are bound to happen.

Quality Enhancement Through Collaboration

For the creation of a cost-effective data visualization with the ability to affect long-term decision making, quality upgrades are required. In data warehousing, data is collected from many sources in order to make them uniform and standardized. As there is a single dashboard that manages all the data kept in the warehouse, various departments within the organization, such as sales, marketing, and operations, may simply access and use the data to achieve their respective goals. Timely availability of crucial data facilitates quicker decision-making and improved outcomes for the organization.

ETL Structures Data Better

The attributes of a strong data warehouse indicate that an organization may store its data in a structured manner, a structure that is capable of transforming into many forms, particularly for analysis and reporting.

The performance optimization of Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT) procedures is a hallmark of premium data warehouse hardware, and is what RTS Labs Team has been utilizing in their projects for years now. ELT data warehouses are responsible for acquiring or extracting data from a specific source, converting it into an appropriate format, and then storing or transferring it to the warehouse.

ETL processing is also taken into account since it utilizes information from the main transactional database. Metadata is what informs a person working with data about the nature of the data, making it simpler to identify and comprehend. Using metadata, acknowledging and reporting data becomes considerably more reassuring when it has been put into a predetermined structure and language.

Final thoughts

Data warehousing is a potent instrument that may enhance decision making by providing a single source of truth for data, allowing advanced analysis, making it simpler to access and interpret data, and fostering cooperation and the sharing of insights. By harnessing the possibilities of a data warehouse, businesses may make choices that are more informed and data-driven, therefore contributing to their success.

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