Salesforce is extremely powerful, but data integrations can be complicated and expensive. Rather than hiring a developer, what if you could configure schedulable data jobs in Salesforce and run them automatically?

EPYC provides a user-friendly, easy-to-understand interface to integrate SFTP, FTP and SQL Server data sources into your Salesforce environment.

EPYC features

Insert, Upsert, Update and Export operations are supported
Configurable job definitions with an easy-to-use interface
Comprehensive job logging to Salesforce and email
Easy setup and installation
Email and data source configurations are interchangeable for maximum flexibility
Automatic ISO3 to ISO2 country code conversion
Lower cost than products with similar features
Java integration point supports Windows, OS X and Linux

Coming soon to the Salesforce App Exchange

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Easy setup and configuration

Add your Salesforce credentials and run the Java application on a local server. It will automatically retrieve and schedule all job definitions.

Jobs can be monitored on the console, or via email and attachment logging. On the Salesforce side, setup is as easy as installing the managed package into your production org and configuring the job definition records.

EPYC screen on a Mac


EPYC is built on the Bulk API engine and supports inserts, updates, upserts and exports. External key lookups are supported, even on fields not defined as “External ID” in Salesforce.

EPYC interfaces directly with SQL Server or can retrieve CSV files from FTP and SFTP directories. Use whatever is best for your business!

EPYC screen in Firefox

Set and forget

Once your job definitions are configured and EPYC is running, no more action is required from the end user.

If a job fails or if individual row validation errors occur, detailed logs provide helpful information about which records failed and why.

EPYC screen on a Mac

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