Data Case Study #2

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Richmond, VA


The client fights life-threatening medical conditions through the invention, manufacturing, and commercialization of innovative products. In addition, they also make it easier for patients to access their products by developing solutions that support the healthcare provider-patient relationship.


The client relied on a third-party analytics vendor to provide data for day-to-day operations and long-term strategic planning. Although the data was accurate, the scope of the data provided was limited, requiring additional data points to support managers, sales representatives, and operations. This setup hindered the client’s ability to grow market share, increase revenue, and capitalize on emergent opportunities.

Due to data limitations, the client was forced to build their own processes to pull, transform, and curate data. This fostered a lack of trust in the data users were getting from the vendor. The client needed a unified platform that was able to meet the data and reporting needs of the enterprise. The challenge was to create a platform that would help manage external data vendors, have a reporting solution accepted by most end-users, and create standard metrics.

ai consulting


  • Engineered a scalable, cloud-based platform to collect, store, transform and distribute data — a platform that delivers actionable intelligence, and makes operational and strategic decisions
  • Hosted the data platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with open-source software to ingest external data sources, apply business logic and transformations, and provide access to business users
  • Gained user acceptance within the client organization with a comprehensive strategy to enforce data quality, transparency, and accessibility
  • Worked with end-users to develop common datasets with standard business logic and metrics that will become the baseline for all Tableau reports within the company
  • Provided a Service Level Agreement to reduce data errors to hold external vendors accountable for data quality
  • Collected metrics at each stage of the data life cycle with alerts to notify vendor managers of potential issues

A scalable, cloud-based platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • Increased their market share by 19% after replacing an inefficient third-party data analytics vendor with a custom-designed cloud-based data platform.
  • Their market enterprise capitalization now exceeds $3 billion.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of time and resources spent adding new data sources to the platform, integrating them into existing datasets, and making the data available for end user consumption
  • Using the new data platform and reporting solution with development support from us, there was a culture change that impacted the company’s bottom line. They were able to expand into new markets, offer better products and services to customers, and provide actionable intelligence to personnel in the field.
Improved performance & scalability