10 Qualities of a Top Salesforce Partner Part 2

It was the best of times (what you’re thinking when you make the decision to use Salesforce and you’re excited about all the things it can do for your business) …

It was the worst of times (what you’re thinking once you realize you’re in over your head and implementation isn’t going well) …

If you’ve tried to implement Salesforce and it hasn’t gone so well, you’re not alone. Salesforce is equal parts wonderful and frustrating – until you get it set up just right for what you need in your organization.

One of the best things you can do for yourself (and to protect your investment in Salesforce CRM) is to find a consultant or an agency to partner with, so you have support throughout the process – someone who can answer your questions and pick up on things you might otherwise miss.

And not just any ol’ Salesforce consultant. You want a top Salesforce partner – someone who has worked in your industry, who has a team of experts on their side, and who has the 10 qualities that make a top Salesforce Partner.

Part 1 of “10 Qualities of a Top Salesforce Partner” covered the first five qualities on the list. Now, we round out the list with the next five qualities you should look for when vetting Salesforce experts to help you.

10 Qualities of a Top Salesforce Partner (Continued)

6. Business and market awareness.
Just knowing about Salesforce isn’t enough. Your partner should have a good understanding of your business and the markets you’re operating in. After all, the purpose of Salesforce is to help your sales people bring in more sales and foster customer relationships. Knowing about your current business issues and future trends will help you and your Salesforce partner make the right decisions about how to customize Salesforce.

7. Shared vision and goals.
As you and your Salesforce partner imagine what your future with Salesforce will look like, the right consultant should be able to help you better define your needs, your vision, and your goals. The description of your vision should be clear, concise, compelling – and definitely inspiring! It should also have deadlines and be oriented for short- and long-term goals. A good vision strikes a balance between offering stability and challenging growth; staying focused but being abstract enough to encompass changes.

8. Self-confidence.
Your partners must trust their own judgment and believe in themselves enough to instill confidence in your team as well – in a positive way, of course. Overconfidence can be just as damaging as being too timid and cautious. However, a good partner trusts his or her judgment, works to gain a solid understanding of what you need, and then maintains a realistic perspective about his or her ability to guide you through the Salesforce implementation process, asking questions and calling in additional resources as necessary.

9. Effective delegation skills.
Your Salesforce partner’s team must be well managed and be able to delegate work duties effectively. In other words, is the team inspired and motivated to get the job done? You don’t want their employees to get lazy and make mistakes the minute there isn’t a manager around.

10. Strong execution.
Finally, when all is said and done, your Salesforce partner must be able to get the job done. You are sure to run into obstacles at some point during implementation. It’s easy to come up with excuses when there are problems. A strong partner will stop, re-evaluate, and address issues when they pop up. How committed is your partner and the team to getting you results versus just “getting an implementation done?” Ask for referrals and do your homework to make sure you have a partner with a track record of sticking with clients and being accountable for results.

Whether you’re vetting Salesforce partners now or you have concerns about the team you’re working with now, help is available. Use these 10 qualities of a top Salesforce partner to help guide you to the right results-driven technology partner.

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