Salesforce Technical Tuneup

Maximize Your Salesforce Application Investment

Let RTS Labs evaluate your company’s Salesforce solution. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of your Salesforce application’s security settings, data architecture and configurations to help your company maximize its investment.

RTS Labs Salesforce Technical Tuneup

What We Examine

  • ARCHITECTURE AND DEPLOYMENT REVIEW – RTS Labs will review your Salesforce application’s architecture and deployment—mistakes can throttle performance, produce screen lag, and reduce scalability. Our review includes checking custom code and third-party apps that connect to your application, as well as proper licensing and user permissions.
  • OPTIMIZATION AND BUSINESS PROCESS REVIEW – RTS Labs will optimize your Salesforce application by reviewing your company’s interactions with Salesforce so your company gains the maximum benefit. Is your company using contacts to its advantage; are there too many screens to complete a task; are you using the wrong licenses; are custom fields and forms dragging down your business activities; are third-party apps not working as expected? RTS Labs’ review will streamline your Salesforce pinch-points.
  • SCALABILITY REVIEW – Is your Salesforce application able to meet your growing business challenges? RTS Labs will review bottlenecks in scalability and performance: zeroing in on application design problems where high demand for data slows down availability. We can help improve system stability and reliability, suggesting alternatives in object and data design when your application endures peak periods for demand.
  • APPLICATION SECURITY REVIEW – RTS Labs will review the level of access to data in your Salesforce application among your users, including permissions and sharing settings. We can show your company how to secure your data and avoid security problems before they happen. Our review includes suggested changes to default settings and how to secure sensitive data.







  • Review of business processes and Salesforce implementation.
  • Review of data requirements, data model and classes.
  • Review security requirements, level of access and permissions.


  • Analysis and review of Salesforce application design and architecture.
  • Analysis and review of the application’s screens, including inputs and outputs.
  • Conduct review of custom code for adherence to Salesforce standards.
  • Review third party applications, connectivity and permissions.
  • Match user licenses to application functionality and business needs.
  • Conduct Security Check and review results.
  • Review peak usage situations, including high demand periods and scalability issues.


  • Application Optimization Plan with suggested object, code, screen and process improvements.
  • Application Security Optimization Checklist with review of data access, changes to sharing and permissions.
  • Application Licensing Plan with review of levels of licensing, changes to licensing and savings benefits.



Let RTS LABS help maximize your Salesforce investment

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