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Architecting the Future is a cross-functional business podcast that features leaders who are shaping modern business using operational creativity and digital technology. On each episode, we’ll interview an accomplished business leader for their personal story and insights.

Architecting the Future

Architecting The Future with Jyot Singh, CEO of RTS Labs

Season 2, Episode 1 | May 17, 2023

On our official show “re-launch,” we interview RTS Labs founder and CEO Jyot Singh. Many topics are covered: from technical project management, to ChatGPT, to what Jyot has learned bootstrapping a company to 100+ employees.

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0:000:55 Introducing “Architecting The Future”

0:552:22 A bit about Jyot and RTS Labs

2:224:42 How big of a deal is ChatGPT?

4:426:22 Is “AGI” coming soon? Or even possible?

6:2210:17 What makes data warehousing both so important, so difficult?

10:1712:50 Is data engineering talent harder to find than data science talent?

12:5016:39 Three things to keep tech projects on-time and on-budget

16:3919:56 Comparing “fractional” specialists to “full-time” generalists in technical work

19:5624:12 “What things would you do again building RTS? And what might you do differently?”

24:1226:33 What does the future look like for RTS?

26:3326:55 Thank you and conclusion

Featured in this episode:
Jyot Singh

RTS Labs