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Magento Development and Customization

When it comes to customizing your Magento ecommerce development, have you ever found yourself wondering:

  • If Magento uses open source code, how can we be absolutely sure our site is secure?
  • Is there any way to simplify my catalog management?
  • Cart abandonment is a huge issue for us – how can we use available or custom plugins to streamline the checkout process and close more sales?
  • Ooo! I like what this company did with their website. How can we customize Magento to do that on our site?
  • If we use Magento to customize our ecommerce site, how can we integrate it with our POS system?
  • What’s the easiest and most accurate way to match my online inventory with inventory at my brick and mortar locations?
  • Since it’s open source, do we need to hire a Magento web developer, or can we figure this out on our own?

The same features that the RTS Labs teams think make Magento a fantastic choice as an ecommerce platform are also the same things that can make Magento development frustrating to web developers and business owners who are trying to beef up their ecommerce sites or start a brand new site.

Open source coding means there is a community of people out there to help with your Magento development and tons of custom extensions and modules to choose from.

But where do you begin? And how can you tell when you need custom Magento extension development to make your site perform competitively?

Magento is completely scalable. Some of the largest, most powerful retailers on the Internet use Magento, such as Olympus and the brewing company Sierra Nevada. Yet, even smaller companies can use Magento for their sites. But it’s been our experience at RTS Labs that it can take a lot of work to get your custom Magento website functioning smoothly and securely.

And, how do you customize the Magento theme of your choosing to maximize Magento’s features for your own website?

When it comes to Magento website development and customization, what the designers and coders at RTS see time and time again is that it takes more than a web developer to create a pretty product catalog and a shopping cart for your ecommerce site. It takes someone familiar with Magento’s many custom features to:

Build a site for you that looks good and functions even better.

By connecting your business needs with a strategy for choosing and executing the right Magento development services and themes to give your audience a great user experience.

Integrate your ecommerce site with your current business operations systems.

By letting RTS Labs help determine what kind of custom Magento extension development you need for custom integrations with your warehouse, retail locations, and POS system, to name a few.

Create a website that competes competitively.

By incorporating specific custom extensions and baking carefully chosen SEO keywords into the framework of your ecommerce site during the course of your Magento website development.

Keep your website secure.

By using best practices and thinking about security first and foremost during the design process.

This is the kind of precise back-end Magento development and customization you can expect when you work with RTS Labs – and the finished results you can look forward to.

Each custom Magento web development project has its own set of needs and parameters. Contact RTS Labs to request your free scoping consultation, where you can ask any question you like and pick our collective brains. Then, you can determine if you think you can take on your project yourself or if RTS Labs might be a good Magento development partner for you.

Simply contact us by using the form in the sidebar or calling (804) 577-5522.