What makes a start-up endure for the long-run and emerge successful? It’s not the product, but the human resources behind it. Smart hiring gives you the perfect core team to run your everyday start-up operations efficiently. The perfect team is like the group of trees that keep the ecosystem clean and healthy, filling it with fresh oxygen. It keeps the start-up environment motivated, staying focused on the business objectives and working interdependently to achieve the business goals.

First, let us examine the four essential personality types to lead your start-up towards a profitable future:

1. Matrix Thinkers

A start-up is usually low on resources and, therefore, it needs thinkers who can generate big ideas. Matrix thinkers are the ones who solve problems creatively. Their heads constantly analyze the business environment for ways to improve decision making. You need such people who can connect seemingly unrelated concepts and rope them with business objectives to deliver and execute on disruptive ideas. However, you should choose wisely when hiring, as immature matrix thinkers are impulsive and can lead to organizational disorder. Mature matrix thinkers, on the other hand, are able to break down and explain information in a way that’s easily understood by other team members.

2. The Pundit

After laying the blueprint of your strategies and campaigns, you need people to execute them. Savants, or pundits, have the necessary bows and arrows to execute your big-picture strategies. They are smart, hardworking, and are experts of their trade. Pundits are able to handle multiple projects, thus opening multiple revenue streams for your business. However, stay away from immature pundits who can leave your business objectives tethered in the middle by creating social anxiety, communication chaos, and despair permeating through the entire business ecosystem. Mature savants, nevertheless, leverage their natural talent to achieve business goals successfully. You will find them as great content creators, designers, graphic artists and editorial directors.

3. The Sales Superstars

Having a good product is important. But what good is it when you don’t have an army of sales superstars? The creator has a creative vision, but he is worried about how to make money with the product. He needs another person to help him create a bridge to bring the product out in the world for the people to notice. Your products, however good they are, will help you make money only when there are people who can easily position your product in the minds of people. Sales superstars are great at communicating your brand ideology and product features in a way that each customer understands. Only when she realizes what problem your product solves for her will the customer turn into a consumer.

4. The Pacifier

The path to success is not met when sales are met. It is met when you are able to solve the consumers’ problems and queries swiftly. This maintains and enhances consumer retention levels, which is very important for your start-up to carve a niche for itself and to be recognized as a reliable company. For this, you need ideal customer service agents who only worry about keeping the consumers satisfied. That is the only way they’ll return to you to buy your product or avail your service and spread the good word of mouth.’ Again, stay away from immature personnel who will dig a big hole in organizational response disciplines due to their inability to avoid passive-aggressive behaviors with customers. Hire mature personnel who can let go of their personal ego and focus on solving the customer’s problem at hand. The right person might even assist in marketing support, strategy and mid-level management, too.

Now let us examine how to build perfect core team with balanced psychological qualities.

1. The founder always needs to give it all

The overarching formula of a successful start-up is to know that it starts with three core people: me, myself and I. When you don’t realize this, be prepared to oversee a dwindling business model. No one will think, care, or work as hard as you do. No one will sweat their blood out as you do. Shortly, the buck lies on you. The business begins with you. Remind yourself persistently that if someone does not take the ownership, you will. If someone isn’t able to get the work done, you should take the ship by the wheel. Eventually, by showing your discipline, hard work, and honesty to your work, you will find people who will work just as hard to fulfill your business goals together. It is a wonderful journey, so enjoy it to the fullest!

2. Get an HR manager with start-up experience

Small business owners spend large amounts of time finding the right people. This takes away the onus of unravelling new business opportunities from the owner. Therefore, it is always fruitful when you get on board an HR manager, explain to him the nitty-gritty of your business, and tell him what you expect from the employees before hiring.

3. Install common sense

“Install common sense” makes up for a very good cause of setting up sustainable start-ups. Degrees do not make a person worthy. It is his common sense and an urge to do something big. Don’t set up hiring standards from what you can learn on paper. Instead, ensure you hire people who are filled with common sense (and relevant work experience) and who will actually help your start-up reach the heights of glory.


To conclude, I would advise start-up owners to consider this- hire a personal workforce psychologist. He/she is the one who will help you understand the psychologies of your team members, what they want, and what will really help everyone to reach their highest potential. And then no one can stop you from reaching the pinnacle.