10 Ways to Rock Your Company Culture with Salesforce Community Cloud: Part 2

Cloud, Leadership, Salesforce August 17, 2018

You know what has set the Rolling Stones apart from so many other bands out there? Before the Stones appeared on the music scene in the 1960s, most musical groups were built around solo performers. The Stones are different. Mick Jagger is the clear frontman, but he’s only part of the whole band. You also have long-time members Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, plus many others who formed the band’s core through the ‘60s and ‘70s. What’s held the Stones together as a band is more than just the money. It’s a shared world view and a shared sense of purpose. When it comes to creating a successful, cohesive company culture, you want to be like the Rolling Stones – and Salesforce Community Cloud is one way to do that.

Think of what the Stones have accomplished. In 2012, they did what no other rock band has ever done – released their 50th anniversary album. Still rockin’ in their seventies, they went on tour three years later in 2015. Over their 56-year history, they’ve sold over 240 million albums worldwide and held over 48 tours.

Want that kind of staying power at your organization? Want to improve your company culture and get everyone sharing in the same mission and the same vision each day? A tool like Salesforce Community Cloud can help you reach the top of the charts. In part one of “10 Ways to Rock your Company Culture with Salesforce,” we highlighted how Community Cloud can help you streamline HR costs and conduct employee searches, training and onboarding more efficiently.

Today in part 2, we’re going to look at five more ways to rock your company culture with Salesforce Community Cloud.

6. Make collaboration easier

In today’s globally driven, complex, service-driven business arena, no one succeeds on their own. Sure, Mick and Keith had their disagreements, but their commitment to teamwork led to their ongoing success. Today, new technology helps teamwork happen more efficiently and smoothly in business settings – even when workers are scattered around the country or the world.

Salesforce Community Cloud helps your employees organize into online groups, which then give employees a structure for discussions and activities. Not only can you create groups for teams but also for events, marketing campaigns, and any type of project for that matter. Everyone in groups can share files, records and videos. It can make it easier to collaborate and get things done, plus Salesforce Community Cloud is completely customizable, just like the rest of Salesforce. BONUS: If you want customers or clients to interact with each other for any reason, you can create Community Cloud groups for them, too.

7. Boost innovation

Can’t get no satisfaction when it comes to employee innovation? Leaders only have themselves to blame. That’s because you can’t force employees to be motivated. Your job is to create the conditions under which they become inspired and motivated. Then, innovation can flourish.

Salesforce Community Cloud helps to encourage the kinds of interactions that can lead to innovative discoveries with a featured called Chatter. Using Chatter, employees can share updates on company news, find subject matter experts within your company to support them on their projects, and problem solve with others across your org if they get stuck on something. Chatter is an easier way to let more people contribute more ideas, which should in turn help you foster a more innovative workplace environment.

8. Increase employee engagement

HR experts will tell you employees must be engaged. But what exactly does that mean? The Rolling Stones engaged millions by being at the vanguard of a new type of musical expression – an expression that gave voice to new cultural attitudes that were emerging at the time. If you want your employees engaged, you need a system for engaging employees, helping them engage each other and giving them a voice for expressing new ideas and even concerns and problems.

The difference of course is that the Rolling Stones grew out of the counterculture of the 1960s. Salesforce Community Cloud helps your employees engage in and contribute to your company culture. For example, the Topics tool within Community Cloud gives your associates auto-generated topic pages where they can save a range of content into a single community page, including discussions, files, and lists of resources such as groups and experts to follow, creating a sort of hub. It also gives them updates on the topics they’re following and information from the community.

9. Enable digital transformation

The speed of digital innovation keeps getting faster, as does the need for digital transformation. Starting with their “Steel Wheels” tour in 1989, the Rolling Stones used bigs screens and other high tech to reach massive arena audiences, which led to some of the highest grossing concerts of all time. Your company needs technological advances to stay ahead of the curve, too.

One of the ways Community Cloud helps your employees is with their Files feature. This gives them controlled mobile access to files that are embedded in your core business processes. Further, you can make your all your files accessible through one secure location.

10. Shrink turnover costs

Bloomberg News recently reported that about 3.56 million people quit their jobs in May 2018, according to the U.S. Labor Department. According to this same article, that means the rate of people who have quit their jobs is at a 17-year high (up to 2.4 percent from 2.3 percent).

How is turnover at your organization? Employee turnover is a statistic you can’t ignore. It either confirms you’ve got a high-performance company culture or you don’t. A high turnover rate tells you without a doubt that your hiring and onboarding costs are too high. Not only that but your productivity and employee engagement are probably lacking, too. Just as we discussed how Community Cloud can help manage your HR hiring and onboarding costs in part 1, Community Cloud can be used to shrink your turnover costs, too.

Create a world-class business with Salesforce Community Cloud

When the Rolling Stones sang their hit song, “19th Nervous Breakdown,” they could’ve just as easily been singing about a CEO frustrated by a weak company culture. Instead, Salesforce Community Cloud comes to your “Emotional Rescue” so you can stop worrying about the competition and start helping your employees succeed.

Let’s do a quick recap of the 10 ways to rock your company culture with Salesforce Community Cloud. First, Salesforce Community Cloud can be used to help you cut recruitment costs and make onboarding easier. Further, you can keep employees informed and happier, which improves their performance. In doing so, you’ll cut HR costs, increase collaboration and enable innovation. This will boost employee engagement and enable digital transformation. Of course, this all shrinks your turnover rate and over time dramatically reduces your cost of labor.

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